We are worshipers, period.

From the moment we awake in the morning, until we lay our heads down to sleep at night our souls are constantly longing to worship something. We were designed to give praise and adoration to God in creative ways. 

The fact is whether we believe God exists or not doesn’t matter. We were made to have a higher authority, and something to look to and admire. This is why non believers praise other things, striving to fill the void where the praise is supposed to be shouted out.

I’m learning what it means to be a worshiper. With my children playing in the next room as I prepare dinner, I can worship. I’ve found myself twirling about and making my body move to show him praise. The singing and the dancing are forms of worship, but I am also worshiping him by serving my family. By loving them as He would.


When we worship and surrender our minds and bodies to the one that gave us life,things happen. Moods change and our hearts become aligned with his plans for us. Since we were made to worship, when we do not do so there isn’t a release of gratitude that should be coming forth from our lips. We invite in other things to worship that immediately give us instant gratification.

Drugs, alcohol, sex outside of marriage, sins in general all feel good at the time, but in the end they are just worship in a false manner.

When we realize  who we are and who HE is, we have an intense desire to worship Him and only Him. We can enjoy his good gifts in life, because we are worshiping him.

I believe that when we worship , even in the hardest of times there is breakthrough that happens in our spirits. Literally making our minds feel gratitude. His character doesn’t change when our lives do. He is constant. So to not worship him just because we are having a bad day is ultimately telling him that we don’t believe he is good.

If we truly knew how good he was we would worship all the time. And we can. We can worship taking out the trash, and disciplining our children. We can worship while we serve people and give love to people that have wronged us.

Worship is so diverse because He who dwells in us is in constant communion with the Father. If we invite his spirit in to dwell within us. then we have that constant communion as well. There isn’t a time that we cannot tap into what is inside our souls, and create joy that bubbles over into our relationships. That changes mindsets, and heals our bodies.

Worship starts within, and when it is ripened , the fruit from it is sweet.

I know a worshiper when I see one.  I see the fruit from their personal time with Jesus in their lives.

They are happy people. Because He is a happy God.

Psalm 34:1

I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise will be in my mouth continuously.

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