He is our constant one.

My position on the family sofa hadn’t changed. I was taking a break from my daily household chores to recharge for a few minutes. Legs outstretched, deep breaths came in and out of my lungs. Fighting the urge to close my eyes, as I would most assuredly fall asleep, I looked around me. My Three little’s playing together. As I sat still I saw that I was their constant. 

 God willing, I will always be there with them throughout their childhood years. A role that must be a constant, must be consistent and must be done in unconditional love. A role that I do not take lightly, no. It’s the role I asked for. So I laid there a little longer , watching them giggle. Watching them look to me as their constant. 

One by one they came to me. They nestled their little heads on my chest. The same one that nourished them when they were but so small. One would leave my side, as the other had a turn. It became a game as to who got to snuggle me next, until I was buried under all three children. Each of them expressing their love in their own unique way, as I remained their constant one. The one that would love them forever. The one that is for them.


38 weeks pregnant with Adah Harbor

Still lying there I heard God say:

I am your constant one.

I formed you in your Mothers womb, to be a Mother. I will always be constant in your life. Just as you lay here on this sofa, and your children embrace you, I will also be there. Waiting for you to come love on me, as I hold you. As I smell the scent of your hair, and caress your cheeks. The ones I formed so perfectly, even before you knew your own name.

Just as I am a constant to my children, and their Father here on earth, my main goal is to teach them who is even more present than their mother can be at all times. The one how shaped their Mother will always remain. Even when I am old and gray. He stays.

He is like a red robin in a winters storm. You can always spot him turning his head about. Standing out with his bright colors, even in the storm he is constant. He does not hide his face from us, no.

He stands out, as his bright red colors shine bright in the snow.

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