The homeless man meets my son.

The rain beat down on the truck as the windshield wipers strained to keep up with the abundance of water in my view. Holding the chubby hand of my six year old son, I saw him. Out of the corner of my eye , I saw an African American man , in his late 50’s holding a large box of Pampers , struggling to walk in the rain. His club foot was obvious as his cane splashed in large puddles as he pressed on to the bus stop. With no umbrella to block the rain from getting in the way of his vision, and keeping him dry from the cold, my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach.

Asher noticed him immidiately, as he squeezed my hand and looked my way.

” Momma, he needs help.”

An afternoon snack, just before we left to meet a man that would change my son's heart.
An afternoon snack, just before we left to meet a man that would change my son’s heart.

Before I could think logically or realistically I pulled the truck over right in front of the man. Locked my doors, and rolled down the window as I yelled over the sound of the rain.

” SIR! Where are you headed? Can I call my husband to come pick you up? We don’t live far from here.”

It was as if no one had approached him in a time of need. His eyes grew soft and his mouth formed a sweet smile. 

” No Ma’am, God bless ya , but I’m just goin’ to the bus stop. You got an umbrella?”

” I don’t. But I think we can make this coat work.”

Before I knew it my son and I rushed out of the truck, locked it up and started towards the man. His smile grew brighter as he saw my Asher, he reached out his hand to shake his. I drapped a large coat over his head to shield him from the rain as we began to get a shower from the water pouring down.

” Ma’am , I never met someone so sweet. You sure are a blessin’ . it’s cold out here now, lets hurry.”

As I held the coat over his head, and in the other hand I held my sons, we walked as fast as his disability would allow. I slowed my pace, and let him lead as we shielded him from the cold rain. One foot after the other I watched him walk, as I prayed under my breath for his life. For him to be blessed to prosper, and to live life to the fullest.

” I have to ask ya. Who are the diapers for?”

” Ah! My friend just had a baby girl . She aint got no diapers, so I walked to Wal Mart to get her some. I couldn’t find no girl diapers, so I got these Pampers. Will these be ok?”

” Oh yeah, those will be perfect.”

” I heard Pampers was the best, so I got them.”


We made it to the bus stop, exchanged hugs and prayers. As I turned around to go back to the truck , I saw a tear forming in Ashers eye. What he experienced that afternoon was not something he could learn in Sunday school. It wasn’t something he could experience alone. He learned quickly that life isn’t all about him, life is about love.

I don’t know that mans name, because I didn’t ask. It didn’t matter his name, I loved him from the moment I saw him. The love for him came from the Holy spirit, my guidance. My keeper of love.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Ephesians 2:10 

Did we change his whole life? No. But the simple act of helping him to the bus stop without the rain pouring onto his weathered face was enough to make his whole day brighter. Just knowing that someone he has never met cares about his well being was enough. Just seeing the body of Christ act was enough for him.

It was enough for me. I came undone at the sight of a man struggling to walk. The sight of the diapers in his hand made me picture the newborn that needed a clean diaper in that moment. Perhaps my motive was for the baby instead.

Either way my motive was love. As Christ’s motive is always that. 

He always moves in love. Coming into salvation, thats in love. Coming to repentance, that’s in love. He does not guilt us into love. No. He compels us to love as he does, so that we may have a taste of his deep love for us.

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