Let’s make men out of brothers.

As Mothers the very breath we breathe gives us the energy to speak words into our childrens ears . As we exhale and words form , whether they are long thought out, or on a whim create a level of honor we uphold in our homes. 

A foundation in which we create an atmosphere, and set the standard for our words. In this way, we teach our children what is acceptable in their childhood, and what we as adults hold true in our very nature of the people we are.

We are basically creating tiny humans, and trying our best to make them respectable people. Good people. Kind people. Wise people. Giving people.


I cannot tell you how many times this certain phrase has come off my lips as I sigh, exhale once more and repeat myself. It is one that I , as a woman hold high on my list of the makings of a good man. 

” Be kind to your sister. She is a lady. “

His six year old self doesn’t see what I see. I see a young woman, even at her age of four wanting protection and love from her older brother. I see how she looks at him when he agrees to catch her coming off the slide at the park. I see the way she looks at him as he kisses her goodnight.

I notice the way he quickly defends his sister in a confrontation with friends. I notice the way he helps her unbuckle her carseat, and reaches out his hand to assist her in walking out of the car. I notice the way he lovingly allows her to drink from the water fountain at the park first.

He doesn’t know it yet, but he is being taught to respect women. Not just his sisters. Not just his Mother. But women everywhere. He is being taught they are precious, and they are vital to his well being as the man he will become. He is learning to value them, and to protect them. 

In all my rantings telling my son to respect and honor his sisters, I hope they see that they are of deep value in this world. They are a prize to be won when the time is right. I hope by teaching their brother to treat them with respect sets a high standard for their future husbands.

Whether we want to admit it or not, women desire men’s acceptance and affection. Their attention for the beauty we have on the outside, and the wisdom we have in our hearts.

What if we train up our sons to love their sisters with a love so honorable, they wouldn’t even give someone unlike their brothers the time of day.

Brothers now are men later. 

Those curls in her hair she wants him to notice. What if we teach our young men to compliment their sisters, and build their confidence that soon the curls in their hair reflect a love they have for themselves. A love that carries them into adulthood, and out of comparison of other women.

If they were good enough for the men in their life that treated them with respect, they can have any man they want. No settling, just searching for the ones that whisper honor in their ears, and love in their gentle touch.

Lets make men out of brothers. 

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