Starting tomorrow I will be taking my readers on a journey into what my life is like on a daily basis, what I see in the spiritual realms, and life’s events that have changed me into the woman I am today. I am far from perfect, and still have a lot to learn, as we all do.. but I believe strongly in the power of our testimonies being able to encourage and awaken us as believers and followers of Christ. 


With these personal experiences, I will include scripture that I believe backs up these encounters with the supernatural. The beauty of personal encounters is that no one can critique them, as they were not there themselves. I would hope that if you have been following me long enough that you would trust my word in that what I am saying is truth.

Lately I have strayed away from writing about my encounters with the Lord as to be more private in my life. I have continued to write things that came upon my heart, and enjoyed it still. I’ve added some humor blogs that many loved, and many didn’t see the sarcasm. This is ok, either way, I’ve had a good laugh with you all.

The thing is that I started this blog with a tiny following, and as the months and years went along my audience grew larger, and my mouth became quieter in the ways of the supernatural. It’s a trend in this world to ” not offend ” anyone that would disagree with your beliefs.

You see, as Christians our beliefs should all be the same right? We read the same bible. We praise the very same God. We may interpret verses differently, but all in all we follow the same Jesus that died and rose again. The one that chose to die so that we could live.

Our experiences as human beings shape the person that we become ( if we allow them to ). In my life, the good and the bad have affected how I think and process things. There have been many Spiritual encounters with the Angelic that I could not control. It was out of my hands, and only in Gods. I think this is why they are so powerful when we experience them. Whats even more powerful is when we share them, voice them , and allow others to gain encouragement from them.

This is why I am doing a TEN day series on my encounters, and what they have taught me. What I have gained from them, and what I have learned about myself.

In these ten days I will be praying for my readers. Praying their eyes are opened to anything the Lord would show them, their ears would be open to hear from His voice.

In these events, I am in no way saying that our encounters with the Lord should be the same, or even similar.  He gives us each different gifts, and speaks to us in unique ways.

I’m excited to see what the Lord will do with these days, and the days after. I am praying for increased manifestation of his presence on everyone of you.

The first of the ten will be posted tomorrow night. No need to share, nor promote if you don’t want to. It’s your choice to do this in secret, or tell people about it. I encourage you at the end of each blog post to allow time for the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and write it down in your prayer journal. I believe he is taking us into a deeper relationship with His son in these days.

These blogs will be posted on my Redemption Red facebook page as well.

Feel free to comment what the Lord showed you, or keep it private.

Bless you all!


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