Growing up, I was always fascinated with who would meet me at Heavens gates when I went to heaven. Not in a morbid way, but I knew there would be certain people waiting for me that had been missing me. Influential people, people who loved me deeply.


Heaven and all that surrounded the subject has captivated me from a young age. I believe he creates us with a longing for things he can use to bless others. To encourage people in times of deep sorrow and bring joy out of any situation, the good and the bad.

Seeing into heaven was a gift I asked for, without really knowing what all that entailed. Little did I know I would begin to see people enter heavens gates, people that I had only met once or twice. The vividness would overwhelm me, and bless my soul to know that there is abundant life after death.

It was late afternoon as I began to fry up the chicken on the skillet. The sun was at it’s peak of the day, and the two older children were riding their bikes outside. Worship music was playing in the kitchen as I sang out loud. Off tune and key I laughed at myself, fearing someone in the next house could hear my terrible singing voice.

I heard my phone receive a text message, and reached to read it. Suddenly I was taken into a vision in the middle of my kitchen of a man I had met only a few times.

I saw a man, we will call him Ken …. enter heavens gates at a young age. Although I knew on earth he was in his fifties, he appeared to be much younger in my vision. I grew sad, for I had not known yet that he had died of a massive heart attack hours before.

He walked into heaven and was greeted by many, many people of his past. I knew most of them were family. Everyone was cheering and carrying on about how young and wonderful he looked. His smile had a vibrancy about it as he hugged everyone that was yelling his name. Everyone seemed to be eager to greet him, as if they had been waiting years upon years to see his face yet again. The laughter continued until all of the sudden everyone became silent.

The crowd parted as a beautiful woman in her thirties walked down the middle aisle that everyone had created for her. I knew in that moment that she was THE ONE that was responsible for him being able to enter heaven’s gates that day. I KNEW she had lead him to Jesus as a young boy.

The gorgeous woman walked with pride and ease. Her red hair shined so brightly in the reflection of the Lord that was present at the affair. Her smile was gracious, and her eyes kind, filled with the light of the holy spirit. This woman was a pioneer , a comforter and a caregiver to many. Both biological and ” adopted” children she loved so dear.

Her arms stretched wide to embrace him as he began to shed a few tears. As they embraced the room fell silent. All eyes on this embrace, knowing how special she was to this man. I knew then that this woman was a caregiver, possibly a Grandmother or great Aunt to this man.

I saw a tray of peanut butter cookies being passed to this man from the red headed woman. She laughed as he ate them, his laughter filling the room from the remembrance of this delicious taste from his childhood. I knew he had tried to make them himself after she passed on, never being able to get them just right. This woman was everything to him, his support and lifeline as a Christian man.

They continued to eat the cookies, as he began to offer them to people he loved around the room. The vision ended with them embracing once again in laughter and tears.

When the vision ended I got a text message from my Father in law saying that his friend had died, the same friend that I had just had a vision of. I knew already, yes, but the sting of death still stung. I was hurting for his family that he left behind all too soon. His two daughters he loved deeply, and his wife that he cherished so much.

I felt I should share the vision with my Father in law first, and let him decide if he should pass it on.

He prayed about it and knew that it would only bless his friend’s family, and so he shared my vision with his wife.

A few days passed and I learned that the woman with the red hair was the one that lead him to Christ in his youth. After school they would bake peanut butter cookies together and talk about the Lord. These special moments shaped the man he was to become, the husband he was and the Father he became. 

I also learned that the couple that now lives in the Red haired womans home saw a flower bloom the day this man passed away, under the very same bedroom window that that man was saved in. There had never been a flower before, in all the years they had lived there. They believed this was God’s way of showing his glory for it all, and comfort to his family.

Acts 2:17

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

Habakkuk 2:3

“For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.”

What I learned in this experience:

  • The Lord wants to comfort those who mourn for their family members who are gone to heaven too early
  • He uses our gifts to help others realize His deep love for them
  • He is a good God who cares about our emotions and love for others
  • We are used as a vessel to share good news of his love for us

Stay tuned for DAY FOUR on Spiritual encounters with God. Be blessed and encouraged that YOU are a vessel of his love for others. 

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