A word for Olivia Greene

This afternoon I laid down to take a small nap. I hate napping, but lately I’ve been in so much pain in my ear I’ve given into napping against my own deep hatred of napping. 

I fell asleep quickly , and was soon awakened by the Holy Spirit giving me a word for someone that I believe reads this blog … Or is a close friendly is someone that reads this blog. 

At first the name OLIVIA GREENE came into my head. I then saw a brunette woman with blue eyes and a beautiful smile holding her stomach that was growing with ease. This current pregnancy is a rainbow pregnancy , as she has lost many others. I saw that today she was gripped with fear of having another miscarriage. 

I felt the lord would say to her, as I believe she will find this blog with his help: 

Daughter, this baby will live. I have a special plan for this child, raised by you. You are more than capable of being a loving mother. The babies that are now with me know of your love. They did not die as a result of any wrong doing of yours. Their death wasn’t a punishment from me. Today I am imparting to you a new peace and level of faith for this child to live. Today receive my love and acceptance for this season of your life. I am here, I am ever present in your times of need. I love you , and I’m pleased in you. 

If you feel lead to share this post , do so. But I believe she will find this word with ease. God bless you all. 

2 thoughts on “A word for Olivia Greene

  1. I don’t know an Olivia, but I sure felt like I needed to read that…

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Well good sweet Jess! You are so loved!

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