God will rearrange our ” wants list “.

Growing up in a Charismatic family, it never occurred to us that we were different from other families. Not until our later teenage years did we notice that not everyone’s parents gave them prophetic words, and laid hands on them. People actually went to churches that people didn’t speak in tongues, and raise their hands during worship. 

It wasn’t long before I realized how very different we were, and how much I had taken for granted.

Not that we were superior, but the joy that using our spiritual gifts gave us was very special.


This week my Dad gave all of his children a word from the Lord. One that was more complex that I will speak of, but one that required of us to make a list and present it to the Lord. Make a list of things we wanted his help in. Things that our hearts desire, but we need a bit of a push. We need his Holy Spirit to come and blow fresh hair on our lists. When he is working, it is always good.

I made out my list, seven bullet points of what I wanted his help with in this season. My Dad and I began to pray over the list, and he began to prophecy about what the Lord wanted to do.

So many encouraging words filled my ears and I soaked in his presence, my Dad continued to pray over the list, as the Lord directed His attention to my number one bullet point.

1- To be healed of all anxiety issues. No more rib pain or tightening. Complete healing that is forever and done with.

 It was then the Lord said:

” Your number one on that list, I am rearranging. You will understand in ten years WHY I am changing up your list. For now I am concentrating mainly on number three. “

A small tear soaked my cheek. For only a moment I was angry at my Jesus. Why wouldn’t he WANT to heal me. WHY not right then? Did this mean I had to suffer for ten more years this way?

It was as if all my thoughts became aligned, and the way I saw my suffering began to transform. With my hands crossed on my chest, I began to understand his love for me. It isn’t dependent on what I WANT in that season. It is dependent on what is BEST for me, and the people that know me in this season.

Romans 8:28 

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

This morning when I was having the children clean house before we left for the park, they were PERFECT and never uttered a single complaint.

Actually, most of the time they whined because the work they were doing was ” so hard “. I had my six year old vacuuming and the younger girls picking up toys, putting away laundry and feeding me grapes.

It was then watching them God spoke to my heart, and I listened.

” See Rach, they have to learn to do the hard things first, so they can appreciate the good things. See how they are working as a team and blessing each other? Meeting other peoples needs before their own? Seeing a need and meeting it. THAT’S what I want from you right now.”

There is great satisfaction in fighting the good fight, because often we are called to. There is also great joy in serving others before thinking of yourself.

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