God can give us dreams that we didn’t know we wanted.

With the rain pouring down onto the sky light in the kitchen, and the news of my Ebook coming out I started to automatically panic. OH MY GAH everyone will hate it. They will think I’m crazy. I feel so exposed now! What if I go to Costco and someone recognizes me from the picture on my book? I love Costco, I can’t stop going there. They have the best cheap wine. I have to change my hair color. No, I wouldn’t look good as a brunette. 

Jesus interrupted my very mature and reasonable thoughts and asked me a question that made me stop pacing and sweeping and sit.

” Rachel, do you like all the hats I gave you to wear?”

Um. Yes, I think so Papa. 

” Then don’t be ashamed to wear them in public.”


He’s very good at calming me down and giving me insight. Years ago I had a friend give me a prophetic word that I would have many ” hats ” to wear in the kingdom. A wife, a mother, a mentor, an Author, a prophet, snake handler. ( Kiddin’ )

At the time the word was given to me I wasn’t even writing. I loved to write, but the passion wasn’t there yet. As the Lord took me through a journey of obedience after a year of fasting meat, I began to write. Small things here and there, and then I eventually started a blog.

You see, it was a passion placed inside me because I was walking in obedience to him. When you truly love your maker, you will want to follow Him, and desire to be more like him.

I’m no where close to the woman I desire to be, but that’s okay with me. Everything in life takes time, and during all the waiting you learn , you grow stronger, and you lean on him harder.

Some dreams we have since we were old enough to think, and some are placed in our hearts during seasons when our heart is ripe enough to handle the dream.

If there is anything I have learned during writing my first book it’s this:

Stop rushing your life so much. Your goal shouldn’t be to finish, but to see God’s glory during the race even more than the finish line. It takes training to run a race well, and endurance to get to the end. Your life will not be everything you want after that finish line. There will be another race you will need to run. But by then you won’t be so sore.

Stretch yourself to show Gods love to more people. Get uncomfortable. Get all weird and loud in church. Do something new. You’ve got a while before the finish line, might as well enjoy the breeze during your run.

Those dreams you have deep in your heart, go ahead and start making plans, and trusting him. Just remember, it’s the God given dreams that are the best ones to watch come into being. Because you know it wasn’t you who did all the work, but him in you.

I wrote a book, yeah. I stayed up late and drank too much coffee, and lost out on time with my husband and children, but I was obedient to what Jesus told me to do. He wrote that book for me, I just moved my fingers as he danced across the pages.

We all have gifts and talents, lets use them for his glory!

Here is the link to my Ebook:

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