One thing I love about being a Mother is celebrating our children’s accomplishments. From another year alive in our crazy family, to a goal at their soccer games, or a spelling test with an A plus. We celebrate most everything around here, because every little accomplishment for children is a HUGE deal. Their little eyes watch to see yours light up with affirmation and love for their tiny goals in life. Soon we will be watching our children achieve bigger goals in life, and I can assure you we will be just as excited, and just as proud as we were on those days of teaching them to tie their shoes.

 It was the night of my book release, and I was pacing around the house doing housework to distract myself from the excitement. I realize this is a problem, and I do not care. Consult God about this one, because for now this is how I am celebrating. Being all weird and domestic.


I grabbed a load of clean laundry to start folding and reached the top of the steps to the kitchen. As soon as my left foot hit the tile floor the Holy Spirit spoke so loudly I could hardly take another step.

He said to me:

” Stop, close your eyes. You are now on holy ground.”

I immediately put down the basket of clothes I didn’t want to fold anyway and closed my eyes. Without a thought my hands became outstretched in front of me, as if I was receiving a gift from the Father. My legs began walking forward, as I closed my eyes to see what was next.

As soon as my eye lids shut I was at a party in heaven. My kitchen wasn’t my kitchen anymore. The scent of fresh food and wine filled my senses as I began to see Angels forming a line for me to walk through. Step after step I came closer to seeing these Angels faces who were all shouting, clapping , playing instruments, and patting my shoulders as I walked by. My name was being called in different languages, but somehow I knew they were saying it. I felt completely celebrated and very humbled that heaven was celebrating God’s glory he would receive from my first book. For what seemed like hours I walked through the line as I saw face to face Angels that I believed had help me write this book. What a huge role they played in being my helpers, I mean… why wouldn’t they be excited it’s complete? 

I shared this very personal experience with my readers to ENCOURAGE you that heaven celebrates you! THEY REALLY DO! They REALLY invest into your lives, and when we are happy , they are too. When we are walking into the destiny that God placed before us, they CELEBRATE HIS GLORY THROUGH OUR OBEDIENCE!

Just as we love our children, and love to see them succeed, imagine how much more our Heavenly Father celebrates us. When we praise Jesus, heaven hears it. They praise along with us.

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