He is our comfort, always.

The tiny amount of blood dripped from my toddlers toenail, onto the surface of her new flip flops. Her tears came in waves as she ran inside from the screened in porch to tell me of her injury. Surely it was life threatening the way she was crying. I scooped her up into my arms , and kissed her tears away. The salt from her eyes filled my mouth, as I imagined my Father in heaven holding me this very same way just hours before.

On the kitchen floor I rocked her back and forth until her tears stopped, assuring her everything would be alright. The world wasn’t all bad, it’s just a scrape on your toe my love. The bleeding will stop as I hold you, I promise. To her , her world was ending until she saw me. Until I scooped her up and reminded her I was home.

This scrape may hurt for a while I told her. Even after the wound is opened, it will take time to heal. But I am right here. Holding you as long as you want to cry, I’ll rock you. You are my sweet daughter. I care so much about your hurt, your tears.


Soon her tears drifted into a peaceful sleep as I continued to rock her. assure her her feelings were valid, and that I loved her.

How often does the Father do this for us?

How often do we allow him to hold us as we weep? The truth is that he cares for us. What we love, He loves.

We are never alone in our suffering, and hard times. He is always on our side. He is always loving.

When we realize that our problems in our lives cannot be solved by our hands alone, we can accept his comfort. We can accept his help, and give over our hurts to him to take care of. We do our part in listening to his voice, and allowing him to speak to us.

There are some things we cannot control. I cannot keep my children from falling when they play. But I CAN comfort them when they fall.

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