He rocks my babies to sleep with me.

I felt him in the breeze of the wind , stirring my hair into an orchestra of a mess on my head. The demands of Motherhood rang in my ears, making me feel so inadequate to meet the needs of these small people. The dishes piled high as my heart longed to be in His presence, Him embracing me like a woven wrap around my middle. So warm and safe.

Surely my life is so mundane meeting the demands of Motherhood , and striving to be a good wife. I want to worship, and get lost in his presence rather than this. My hunger for more of him outweighs my responsibilities as I ask him to help me find joy in my tasks.

My middle baby, mothering.
                                                                           My middle baby, mothering.

Soon, he is helping me unload the dishwasher, I laugh in his presence , as he helps me put away the silverware.

He walks down the hall with me, a sleepy baby on my shoulder, nap time begins.

He bends down with me to get the one spot on the tile kitchen floor that is stubborn to be cleaned.

He stands behind me cheering for the chicken in the crock pot to taste at least mediocre. 

He walks down the steps to the basement where the washer and dryer sit. I pour in the soap as he rubs the knots in my neck from looking down at my babies.

He’s there when my husband comes home from a long day at work, when I kiss his lips I feel him applauding our unity.

He sits next to me during supper, when I am begging my toddler to eat one more bite. He laughs as I throw up my hands in forfeit and hand her a cookie.

He rocks my babies to sleep with me. He really is the best rocker around, we rock and we rock and we sing. 

At the end of my day when all is quiet and peaceful, I can still feel him next to me on the sofa, just laying there. He went through my whole day with me, but he never tires. No. He is eager to be with us WHEREVER we are. WHATEVER we are doing ,he is present.

My great Papa.

Mothers: He loves us so. He is there in the everyday ordinary. To him our lives are anything but boring, they are vital to his Kingdom. Whether we stay home with our children, or we work, he is there. Cheering us on to raise up a generation that fears the Lord! 

My dears, you are not unseen. Just the opposite. You are seen. You are so seen.

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