Obeying him has nothing to do with being COMFORTABLE.

This weekend my children and I had the blessing of attending our new Church’s family fun day. Transitions for me take time. I don’t even get into the pool fast. I get my toes wet first, let myself get used to the temperature of the water. I may sit on the edge for hours before I get in fully. I don’t like to be taken aback. I like to know what I am getting myself into, every time. We have been attending this church for a couple of months now, and trying to get to know the Pastors, and the people that worship there. 


Some people are blessed to be able to walk into a new environment and make friends on the spot. I think if I pushed myself into conversations, and went out of my way to introduce myself, things would go well. Maybe I would know more people. 

The fact is that I am usually chasing after one or two of my children. It’s hard for me on Sundays to talk to a ton of people , because I have cranky, and hungry children ready to get out of there.

I thought attending this family fun day would help me meet new people, and it did. I met some awesome new women, and had rich conversations on the dock of a lake while my children bravely paddle boated. But I wanted a sign, I wanted to be sure we were doing the right thing , in the right place.

After many activities the children were called to an outdoor auditorium for a few skits and some worship. Our youngest had missed her nap, so she was acting like a person detoxing from some kind of illegal drug. She was certain she wanted to climb a hill near by, still close enough to see what was going on, and able to hear the children worshiping. At one point she climbed up just far enough that I began to envision stitches in her near future if I didn’t intervene. I ran up the hill in my Rainbows, almost falling every step of the way. I reached the top , and reached for her hand.

The singing of the children grew louder, as I paused for a moment. I looked at the ground beneath my feet and I saw rocks bouncing into the air. My shoes began trembling from the ground beneath me. What felt like a small earthquake moved my body to my core, shook me up, inside and out. What seemed like hours, most likely was only a few seconds. 

The Angelic sounds of the children’s  voices rang in my ears, as I soon noticed that our two older children were singing near the front of the stage. In a group with their friends, both old and new.

It was in that moment that I knew we were meant to be here. With this church, for whatever reason, he called us here. To fellowship and grow with these people, but most importantly for our children to grow with these peers.

You see, we never know where he will lead us. But when we are obedient to follow his lead, we are often made to feel “uncomfortable ” for a while. Just because something doesn’t FEEL ” right” doesn’t mean he hasn’t called us to do it.

How many things have I said no to because it didn’t seem right to ME. Yet, he was calling me to do something new.

I don’t want to miss out on his will for my life simply because it requires me to try something new. Obeying him has nothing to do with being COMFORTABLE. But when we TRUST that his plans are good, we can fully obey him with our whole heart.

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