The price we pay for relationships can damn us into debt, or gain us financial freedom.

As I passed the FOR SALE sign on the side of the road, my heart leaped with revelation. God loves to speak to me in the strangest of ways, perhaps because I am strange. 

In the course of every season of our lives, from infancy to adulthood we are basically standing on a street corner saying to potential future relationships:

” This is me. This is what I have to offer to the world. I am kind. I will do my best to love you in a way that I know how to express. I’ll do my best not to hurt your feelings, but I cannot be a door mat. I am a good baker, but I hate cooking. My Mom died when I was three, so I have an issue with attaching myself to you. I am a divorced woman, but long to be loved. I am a gay man who longs for Christ’s love in my life. I love to walk on the beach. My favorite color is red, it reminds me of my Father who passed away from cancer, that was his favorite color. I can sing, but I never sing loudly. I don’t want anyone to notice my talent. I’ve been hurt by men, so I chose to remain single.”

This rope is strong, and I will always mend it if it breaks.
                                            This rope is strong, and I will always mend it if it breaks.

The list goes on, but in reality everyone has walked through pain, and everyone has a choice in who they share their lives with. Who we confide in, who we share our deepest thoughts with. These are major decisions that shape how we see the world, and ourselves. I was taken away in this reality that we are all ” for sale”. It only matters how much we value ourselves, and others. What price do you put on your heart? Your relationship with Christ? Is it expensive, or do you sell yourself cheap in the name of false love?

In order to place value on ourselves, we must first love ourselves. We have to come to the realization that we are deeply, and passionately loved by Christ. Therefore, we are lovable people. We walk in life to serve him, and to guard our hearts. From our hearts comes a overflow of his presence in every aspect, if we allow him access to the one thing that he has given us to guard. 

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. “

Proverbs 4:23

Because we are called to guard our hearts, often we are also called to cut ties with toxic people. People our hearts continue to weaken from, strive to please , and allow unhealthy ties in. Christ loves us so deeply that he has allowed us to have free will. Free will to love, and to obey him. We can either choose our own paths, our own friends, and essentially our own lives. OR. We can choose to obey his spirit, and allow him to lead.

Allowing him to lead involves every area of ours lives. Right down to who we associate with.

You see, he has given us a need for fellowship, and in that we are to be so very cautious. Friendships are beautiful things, but when we are hanging out with the wrong people, we can open doors that wouldn’t have been opened by only ourselves. Allowing people to have influence over our decisions, our time, and our love CAN be a healthy thing. When we are fellowshiping with our peers, we have to be careful to weigh everything with his word, and what he says about us.

Trust is the large rope that holds two hearts together. When the rope breaks, we have to decide whether we want to mend the rope, or buy a whole new one.

The mending takes time, and a lot of energy. By the end our hands may be bleeding, and our bodies weary. But with the right amount of effort, the rope can be strong again. Often, stronger than the first time it bound you together. Redemption in relationships is one of God’s greatest things to create.

We have to seek his heart in whether it needs to be mended, or purchase a brand new one. 

For sale, we are .

The price we pay for relationships can damn us into debt, or gain us financial freedom.

What does your rope look like?

It’s ok to buy a new one if it’s too damaged.

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