Hey Mom, you ran a lot today. 

There are Mom’s who work out, and Mom’s who don’t. I will not state my personal life experiences in working out, but I will say that I do not own one pair of tennis shoes. I wear yoga pants to appear to look ” fresh from the gym” at Target, where I am looking for MORE yoga pants to feel comfortable as I round up my toddler, and clean up spit up. I like to think that I ” work out” on those days that are very long and exhausting. 


Today while loading the dishwasher in my yoga pants ( while not working out ) it dawned on me that I DO RUN, I run all day long. Let me give you a few examples.

  1. I run the dishwasher, at least twice a day. This involves lower back and left arm exercises. My left bicep gets a great work out, while my right one hangs there rather limp and lazy.
  2. I ran my mouth explaining to my toddler that she may not have another Oreo, especially right before dinner.  After all, I was fixing a healthy meal that she would turn her nose up at and ask for Goldfish. All my gourmet dreams go down the drain.
  3. I ran the washer, as I stood there sorting out all the whites into a separate pile. All the while my toddler tried to jump on my back to play a special game of God knows what as I tried to remain sane.
  4. I ran to retrieve my dog from the neighbors yard before he ingested all of the new pansies she planted. It was a super proud moment as I pulled a beautiful pink flower out of his mouth and whispered how sorry I was, and quickly asked If I needed to replace the flowers. 
  5. I ran laps around the soccer field chasing my toddler , but not too much. Just enough to ensure she would take a giant nap . 
  6. I ran to the grocery store because we were out of yogurt and beer. Both essentials if you are on the strict diet I am. 
  7. My mind ran around all the parenting fails from the day, prepared to run more the next day. 

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