The Duggar family

We all know the Duggars as a Godly family. Their values and morals may be different from your own families, but regardless… They value what is right. What is good and life giving. One large goal they have as parents is keeping their children pure for their future spouse. This is something I highly respect, as the world has deemed sex as a casual act, when in fact it’s meant to be shared by a married couple. 

They are passionate about teaching their children the bible , and helping them develop into responsible adults. 

This whole situation that has come up with the oldest duggar son molesting his sisters is heartbreaking. It’s devastating   and ugly in the eyes of many. Sexual assaults leave marks in our souls , to the very beings of who we are. God made us to be sexual beings, and when that is abused it’s horribly hard to recover from. Seek forgiveness and accept his redemption. 

Regardless of Josh’s actions, this was 12 years ago. He has been through counseling , as his wife has stated. Everyone involved has received counseling from the articles I’ve been reading. 

With them being in the public eye constantly , I would imagine that this horrific issue was dealt with before they agreed to be a famous family on TV. By dealt with I mean, extensive counseling for all parties involved. 

Although in this situation it is clear that the girls that suffered abuse are the victims. 

But in the area of social media, political platforms , and news reports this man is a victim to countless hours of slander and manipulation. 

  Regardless of his sins in the past , he is forgiven. He has been made new. He has stated that on more than one occasion. Let us put ourselves in his place for a moment. We have all sinned and fallen short. The difference is that we don’t have to stand infront of the world and confess yet again our sins that were dealt with twelves years ago. 

I imagine Jesus being a a recording of Josh’s nationwide apology. I imagine him sitting there listening and wondering why he is having to ask forgiveness from his fans, his friends and family yet again.

It’s much like tearing into an old wound. It’s healed and you’ve managed to do just fine in life with the scar. All the sudden it’s been reopened. 
It hurts again. It hurts others around you who helped you heal it. I am not only talking about Josh. I am talking about his entire family. What about his innocent younger siblings that now have a scewed view of their brother they look up to? 

Another thing I am noticing is that people are breaking out their own old wounds that have nothing to do with the Duggar family. They are using their own hurts and casting them upon Josh. How is that fair? 

We have to think outside our own problems in life. We have to have compassion. Playing the blame game is a vicious cycle. A joke. 

Sin is ugly. But Gods love is greater than any sin. Gods love is more beautiful , and more powerful than hate. ANY SIN CAN BE FORGIVEN. It’s not our job to jab at this families wound. 

Let’s pray for Josh’s wife during ️this time. The disgust she must feel in her spirit towards people treating her husband this way. Let’s pray for all the Duggar sisters that have been abused. 

We are all capable of sin. 

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