My HUGE Thank you to Seventh Generations new MAMAVA.

Trying to make breastfeeding ” normal ” ( again ) is like saying something like: ” Everyone has been having sex for years. It’s what people do. It’s natural. Everyone should accept it. “

Guess what? The first two people created eventually had sex, then they had children. Then, to everyone’s dismay I’m sure she breastfed her children. Similac wasn’t around yet. Unless she fed her babies goats milk then I’m sure she lactated, and fed them breast milk for the first ( probably ) few years of her children’s lives.


Saying things like:

Breastfeeding is normal

Breastfeeding should be CASUAL, just as we breathe the air into our lungs.

Everyone needs to ACCEPT that I am only feeding my child. 

Ok, so before everyone wants to smack me, I would like to talk about Seventh Generations new breastfeeding centers for Mothers in airports. I for one buy their products, and admire this company. That being said, even if this was a company that did not supply natural products, I would still be happy they even THOUGHT of this idea. I think it is very selfless, and very giving in many  , many ways.

Having breastfed our three children into the toddler years, I would have LOVED to have something like this to go into to quietly nurse our children.

For all the Mothers that would rather cover up, or go into a quiet area to breastfeed I want to say something to you:

  • You are no less proud of your body that birthed your baby when you cover up.
  • It’s a lie from society that when you go into the next room you are ashamed of feeding your child
  • In fact, if you were ashamed you would have QUIT a long time ago
  • Breastfeeding takes effort. And work. And Lanolin. And tears, if you want to go into a quiet clean place to feed your child, MY GOSH GO DO IT!
  • Breastfeeding literally releases relaxing hormones into your body. I understand why you would want to close your eyes while nourishing your child. Why not do that alone to enjoy the quiet?
  • You are most likely sitting, unless you are cooking dinner on the stove while a baby is on your boob. Wouldn’t you want to sit on a clean seat? I would.
  • I could give to huge shits for what everyone else does while breastfeeding, but I like for the only man to see my stretch marked boobs to be the man I married. He waited a long time to see those suckers. Pun intended.
  • My husband really likes my boobs, he doesn’t want to share them with other men who could look. Sorry ladies, boobs are for nourishment, but not all men see them that way. Some would love a peep show, and they aren’t paying, so I am covering up.
  • My husband really likes my boobs. He hates to share. Do I need to repeat myself?

All the sudden we live in a world where everyone has a different opinion. I think that’s wonderful, in fact life would be sooooo boring if we all thought the same. But , alas… we are trying to scream our opinions at each other in the name of EQUALITY.

What if we lived in a world where everyone did their own thing and no one was shouting from the roof tops to ACCEPT their choices.

Breast feeding is something I will ALWAYS stand behind, promote and love. But will you ever see me condoning Mom bashing because of HOW they breast feed ? WHERE they breast feed, or HOW LONG they breast feed? Nope.

Everyone that was a negative Nelly on Seventh Generations article of the breast feeding centers… did you ever take a second of your time to think of the Mothers that are working… that are traveling from country to country while TRYING to feed their children? Those mothers who are busting their tails to pump enough milk for the next feeding? By bashing these “shields” so to speak, you are saying to these wonderful working mothers that you want them to go into the nasty germ filed bathrooms to pump their babies organic breast milk.

Milk comes from a nipple yall. A nipple. Wouldn’t you want to pump or feed your baby in a clean place? I’m not talking about it being ” accepted, or even normal” but my gosh… wouldn’t you love to relax in a place that’s clean?

Or would you rather breast feed in the most public area, simply to make a point ? What point? That breast feeding has been normal since the beginning of the whole world? Yes we know where milk comes from. Your boobs.

If you love breast feeding in public, and you aren’t bothered by it…. go right ahead. I could really care less where you feed your baby, toddler, or 6 year old.

What I am saying is stop calling these wonderful companies BIGOTS because they are providing a safe, clean, relaxing place for mothers to pump or feed. That’s all.

Shouldn’t we be thankful for shields every now and then? I know I am.

You know , when I am doing something natural. Like peeing. Nursing. Having sex.

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