Our Dream Home.

I wasn’t looking for this house. I was content living in a home that I didn’t love, content soaking up all the Jesus I could take. It was a late night last week when a great friend sent me the link to our new home. As I scrolled through the online pictures, something in my spirit stirred. 

It wasn’t a feeling of making something happen, as it was before. This time tears filled my eyes as I gazed upon the most gorgeous home I had ever seen. I handed my phone over to Matt across the sofa. I watched his eyes light up something fierce, and after that we were all in.

The first miracle started the next morning when I called the owners realtor to schedule a viewing of the home.

” Well I am booked for the next several days, but I COULD squeeze you in today at 3:30, is that possible?”

” Yes! I can come anytime you need me to. We really love this house!”

It was then I knew a door was being opened, and favor was coming in. I could feel Gods presence wrapping me up in a cozy cloud of peace, little did I know what would come next.


Viewing the home was like walking through a dream. One of those that you know is a dream, but you refuse to wake yourself up. It’s just too good.

The dark wooden staircase drew me in as I pictured our children posing with their prom dates, mattresses sliding down the steps on a rainy day. Walking down the steps for my morning coffee. So many steps and memories to be made with our feet.

Room by room I fell in love harder and harder until tears began streaming down my face. I had to hide them from the realtor, who would surely think I was crazy . I easily wiped the tears , blaming my emotions on allergies and dust from the old home.

Leaving the home, we knew we needed to make our offer. And fast. We obtained a realtor and soon we were on the road to putting in an offer to our first home.

Many people had told us to not go for our dream home for the first one. What they didn’t realize is that we have had so many ” starter homes”. We have lived in 6 different houses in our 8 years of marriage. Each time we have upgraded a bit, but each time we knew it was only temporary. Those houses were not our home. 

We knew that God was bigger than the standard in which we were told to follow. We knew His plan was to restore what was stolen for so many years from us. Rest. Peace.

The day the offer was made on our home, we met up with my in laws to show them the outside of the property. As we pulled into the driveway we noticed no one was home, so we got out of the car and began walking around. Showing them the landscape, and the special features of the home, we laughed in joy at what was to come. We all knew the home was meant for us, it was only a matter of time before our offer was accepted.

My husband and father in law walked to the back of the property, as my mother in law and I stood in the front yard. Visions of what could be clouded my eyes, as I saw an Angel before me. He stood tall and waved his left arm in a circular motion towards me. I am still not sure what he represents, but I know that He is there to welcome us in.

My mother in law tried to hold back the tears forming, but there was no denying God’s presence on that property. We embraced, we prayed. We swapped stories of what could be , and we wept at His goodness. We knew we were destined to be there.

Just as we were wiping our tears the owner pulled into the driveway. Knowing full well that neither realtor was present, I knew this wasn’t right. We all hoped into their vehicle, only to be welcomed into the house by the owner. Room by room I remained silent as my heart began to pound out of my chest. I had to tell her that we had just bid on her home. As we entered what was to be our daughters bedroom, I let it out. I grabbed her hands and said these words:

” I have to be honest with you. We just placed an offer on your home. I have seen it already. We were just in the area and wanted to show my in laws. I didn’t want to be dishonest. We really, really love and appreciate your home.”

As soon as I released what I was holding in, the spirit of God fell upon the room. A cloud so thick I felt as if I could get lost in the presence. My Mother in law began to cry, as the presence became stronger upon us all. My bones shook from then on. Grabbing the owners hands as I spoke of my admiration for her home sent chills down my spine.

From room to room, she would state the facts, then gaze into our eyes. As if she knew how long we had prayed for a home like hers. Her eyes began to sparkle with excitement as we shared our love for her home.

The end of the tour neared, as we headed outside. The summer sun blared on us as the topic of Christ came up at random.

 The owner asked for our names:

” I’m Rachel and this is my husband Matt.”


Matt began to share about how good the Lord is, as the owner of the home began to cry.

” The Lord told me that I would meet you. He told me that the people that would purchase this home would have three children. I’ve been waiting to meet you all.”

Not a dry eye was to be seen in the circle we formed.

I couldn’t hide my tears of joy behind my sunglasses any longer. I removed the glasses and locked eyes with the owner. She reached out to embrace me in a hug that was so affectionate, it was as if God himself was hugging my neck. She followed up with a kiss on my forehead that almost sent me to the ground. As she kissed me, I could feel the kiss of heaven invading my space. It was a kiss of God’s great pleasure in this union. this God ordained meeting. There was no denying  his hand in this embrace.

We exchanged business cards, and drove away speechless.

I felt as if Gods perfect hand had ordained this meeting, one that would have never happened naturally. It was one of seriously timely ordinance by the one true God we serve.

Two days passed. Every time the phone rang I expected it to be my husband telling me the good news that our offer was accepted. Anxiousness began to arise, as I tried to shut it down each time. I chose peace in many moments of doubt and weariness. We had our family come to pray for favor that our offer would be the one chosen tonight. 

With four offers on the table tonight, ours was chosen. Our offer wasn’t the highest , nor was it the best. But it was the right one to be chosen.

From the owner:

” I knew the house was their’s the moment they left the house. I just had to wait until tonight to make it official. God told me so.”

Not only did she accept one of the lowest offers ( ours! ), she decided to leave us many appliances that we were in need of. And just because God loves to show off, she is having the AC unit replaced before we move in.

In sharing all of this, I am trying to encourage those who are still in the wilderness. You are searching for a home, or a job, a spouse, maybe you are praying for a baby.

Regardless of what you are crying out to him for, he HEARS you. He KNOWS you.

Hold tight. All the heartache and the trauma is worth the blessing at the end.

I bless you tonight in those things you are pleading to him for, may you be blessed and may his favor shine upon you.

2 thoughts on “Our Dream Home.

  1. Praise the Lord for His blessings and provision!! I’m beyond thrilled for you!

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