The wrestle with God in my kitchen.

The Witty Uterus

I was alone in the house as the rain poured onto the skylight above.  I was envious of the droplets of rain nourishing the ground outside my home. I watched as the leaves danced in the wind , as I stood still near the kitchen window. Hands gripping the counter tops, my knuckles became a shade of white. When is my time to be refreshed and dance , Lord? 

Now daughter. Dance with me.

But I am too heavy. I carry so much weight.

Set it down.

My arms raised above my head I began to sway to the sound of the rain and wind. If he cared enough to give us rain to feed the soil on this land, he cares much more for me.

I was taken back about 15 years ago to my ballet days. Leaps and twirls began to come out of me as I laughed…

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