The power of prayer. 


       ” All we can do is pray.”

Sometimes in our lives, more often that we would prefer, our hands are tied behind our backs. Our feet are bound to a chair in the darkest corner of the room. 

It seems as if our wrists are being rubbed raw from trying to escape the hold that the rope has on the one thing we need to be free. 

Our hands . 

It’s then we remember we still have a voice , in all the bondage around us. We can still shout and call for help. 

Our voices are more powerful than anything restrictive. 

As we shout out for his help, he hears our cries. Though we cannot in our own power escape from the bondage, his love knows no bounds. 

In his love there is no fear. 

When we ourselves are in a situation where all there is to do is pray , we have to think of it as the powerful tool that it is. The weapon that breaks strongholds , and brings truth to the darkness. Life to the dead.

Prayer breaks the veil off of our eyes, the rope around our feet , and the plans to keep us there from our enemy. 

For if we remain silent , we are surrendering the power we have as his children when we pray. The direct line to our Father, the author of our lives.


I encourage you tonight , if you are reading this and you have what seems like an impossible situation to fix… Pray. 

It’s a weapon that’s always on hand, and often not picked up. 

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