My children see color

The well known phrase ” children see no color ” may be true for some children, but not ours.  They see color, and we talk about it.     The world we live in today is striving for equality in every way. So much so that we are trained to see everyone the same way, instead of celebrating and embracing differences.

The day was bright with sun and sand and our children embraced the fun that awaited.  It took About five minutes for our oldest son Asher to make friends with a boy his age who’s family was sitting nearby. 

After playing for a few minutes our son came and whispered in my ear:  ” His skin is so cool Mom. I like having friends who are different than me. He’s so nice!” He noticed the difference in his skin color and made it a positive thing. He saw something special in this boy that he didn’t have himself , more color.  Different eyes and skin and hair.    How about instead of hushing our children when they make comments about skin tone difference , we say things like :  ” I know , isn’t their skin beautiful?” ” Yes their hair is different , not like yours at all, that’s what makes it so neat.” God created us all so diverse because he loves diversity. He loves color and creativity. He loves when we embrace it , and form a union together. Not in the name of equality , but in the sense that we are all made for a purpose, and that purpose varies from person to person.  Instead of teaching my children to see everyone in the same light, I want them to see how very creative our Heavenly Father is.  I want them to celebrate differences, in a way that they can see and appreciate others purposes, while following their own paths.  It didn’t matter to our son that his friend was from Costa Rica. It didn’t matter that he tanned more easily than him. But he delighted in hanging around someone who spoke differently , and taught him new things.  Among the other important life lessons we teach our babies while they are under our roof… I want them to see skin color as it is. For if we don’t , we cannot fully appreciate someone’s heritage , and the rich lessons that come with it.  To look at a painting with many colors that an artist worked on for so many months, only to say that we see no color is an insult to the Artist.  The color was meant to compliment the next color, same with human life.  Teach your children about differences, it’s a beautiful component to life. And a stepping stone to living a full life.

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