He has a place for you.

There are certain moments with the Lord that will forever be remembered, and your heart will always be directed back to how you felt in that moment. 

Loved. Accepted. Cared for. Important.

It wasn’t long after a traumatic birth experience with our third child that the Lord met me, almost face to face in our bathroom . It’s been nearly three years and my muscles still remember the shaking feeling, the intensity of the words he spoke into my spirit. The words that I am now seeing fulfilled in our family.

The encounter began in the shower, where I was forced to cut it short, as I could not stand , the presence of the Holy Spirit was too strong. My knees became weak , as I lowered myself onto the floor.

The words came like waves into my spirit-

” I have a place for your family, with land. You are to be caretakers of MY land that I own. You will be highly chosen for this home, and my land. It will be a blessing to you and many others as you share what I have done in your families life. Do not be afraid of responsibilities I have given you. I want you to write, I want you to be bold, and I want you to share your life with many. “

So I began writing, after all God told me to. Can’t disobey there. And I began trying to seek out this mystery house. Constantly looking at Realtor websites, and keeping my eyes open on the road for Farm houses, and land.

It wasn’t long before I convinced myself that a farm house with little land was THE house. I was sure this was God’s hand upon our lives, and convinced myself to believe so. I put my trust and my hope in that WORD, and not in Christ.

If you have read my book, then you know we didn’t live there very long. You know what happened there that tried to kill my spirit, make me doubt Gods word, and ultimately land me in the hospital.

Although that house was not what he had intended for me, He still used it to teach me, equip me, and open my eyes to the spirit realm. Living there was a nightmare, but the wisdom I obtained is priceless. In a season of grieving what I THOUGHT was my promised home, he held me tight. And he guided me out.

Months ago I began praying about the house the Lord promised me long ago. I had a very clear vision of a brunette woman meeting me outside a home, with a yellow lab by her side.

Each house we would view I would look for that dog, wait to see that woman. All were duds, except when we pulled into the driveway of our home.

I knew it was her, the woman from my vision. And there beside her was a yellow lab, running towards me. I held back the tears behind my sunglasses, and stretched out my hand to greet her. It was then I knew I was home.


Tonight if you are holding onto a prophetic word that the Lord gave you years ago, hand it back to him. Holding onto it is fruitless, unless you are trusting him with it. I know for me I tend to focus so much on the promises of God, and I miss the day to day talks with him.


I so value the History of homes, here is a couple that was just married in our front yard. 1921. 

Yes, he may have promised you something, but what does he want to tell you right now? They are equally important, and key to our relationship with him.

Looking ahead in life is often called being responsible, or prepared. It’s drilled into our society to constantly plan for the future. Sometimes we miss the now, and the wondrous things he has for us RIGHT NOW.

So tonight as I pack up for my forever home, I’m led to ask him what he wants of me there. And what he wants of me tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “He has a place for you.

  1. You have no idea how bad I needed to hear this right now. Simply no idea. Thank you.

    1. Oh I’m so so glad friend!

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