When we are given good gifts –

When we are given good gifts as children, we take them out of the box and examine each detail. We admire every groove of the new gift , and have an immediate desire to keep it forever. To cherish it, and keep it safe from harm.
I was given a gift.


The sun had set hours before, all three children were sound asleep in their new rooms. My husband slept deeply beside me, and although my eyes were tired they beckoned me to gaze upon my new gift.
Down the stairwell I went, running my hand along the wooden walls. It was as if my senses couldn’t get enough of my new home. The old pine scent drifting , sending me into a comatose state as I walked from room to room.
I got to know my home that night, all alone with the old creeks and knots in the floor we bonded. You see, each time the floor sang the song of the past I loved it all the more.
Getting acquainted with my gift my Papa gave me, I could feel his delight in the smile that couldn’t be erased from my lips. From the kitchen where original walls stood tall, to the sitting room that is so very empty, awaiting to be filled with laughter . Straight into my dining room, just waiting to be filled with good food and loving friends.
With each room my smile grew larger and more genuine. My Father has outdone himself redeeming the flaws of my past. The grief of lost dreams. He had restored my hope , and my trust that He surely makes all things good for those who love and obey him.
I had never had a home so beautiful , knowing full well just Rachel didn’t deserve this home.
No. But Gods daughter did. Gods daughter received a blessing . Not because of what she had done, but simply because of who’s she was.
A daughter of a King.

2 thoughts on “When we are given good gifts –

  1. This moved me to tears. I feel like God has me on the verge of this (baby is due in about a month) and I still believe it is too good to be true. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Love this!! It made me think of my very own blessings that seem to hAve landed in my lap and I have to agree with you, Rachel, I don’t deserve such blessings either. But the one true King, my Heavenly Father, he blesses me anyway!

    Good little read šŸ‘šŸ¼

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