Growing up I had the privilege to play on several acres with my 5 siblings. Our days were spent outside swinging, building forts , and anything else that required us to use our imagination. A deep desire of my Mommas heart was for our children to experience the freedom of playing in their own woods, collecting their own stones , and building their own creativity with each step they took. 
I’m the last Mother to suggest a made up craft my brain produced in the middle of the night, or even to dye Easter eggs , and heaven forbid to make our own Christmas ornaments. That part of my personality went missing after it ran off when I birthed our first child. 

” Aw! You think you will make a little footprint ornament for Christmas gifts this year?”

” Oh probably not. I’m just trying to keep him alive right now.”

I’m still living out that declaration today. Honestly, I’m in survival mode over here. Anything extra makes my brain go into hiding, so now you know why I drink so much coffee, and I cannot homeschool. It’s for the safety of locals. And people that shop at Target. 

( THIS is why our children need land to PLAY. That’s exactly what I did growing up. Often my Dad would actually lock the door to force us to play.)

See? I turned out great. Didn’t I? Don’t answer.


Having recently moved on to a farm with almost three acres, my life has given me the grace to slow my pace. The house is 3,500 sq ft. There is no way I can keep In the same day. This is ok with me. 

Here we do not own a microwave, so this forces me into sitting my butt down and actually enjoying that cup in the morning. No reheating. Each cup I drink is on the rocking chair on the front porch, while the girls make up games outside. 

All three are different children with their new found freedom to run around. 

When kids are given space they grow. I’m not just talking about actual space. Not everyone wants land, I get it. I’m talking about simply giving them the freedom to play. 

Just play. I’m all for handing them a wooden spoon and an empty water bottle. Because you know what… They will figure out something amazing to do with them. Like hitting each other. 

We haven’t even lived here a week yet , and it feels like home. There are still boxes to unpack , and rooms to straighten – but I don’t mind. 

My overactive mind, and anxious state of mind needed to rest. To stop running towards my success as a wife, and mother, and author. My soul needed to find peace, and recoup from trauma. 

It’s a good place to be in, resting in what He has provided from pruned trees. They needed to grow more healthy. 

When you walk slower you notice more detail, you notice all God is dying to show you. And when you see His glory shining on the path he lit just for you, that’s when you can rest.

He never said we had to stand all the time. 

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