Things are often not as they appear. 

The majority of my time spent working in the Mill house sink was in extreme horror. Watching behind my back for figures, washing dishes as fast as I could scrub. With no dishwasher my time there stood still as I cleaned. Often leaving the dishes for the next morning, where sunlight shone on the dark spots that the night had just for my eyes. ____________________

Viewing our new home for the first time , I walked straight into the kitchen to see the very same sink that the Mill house had. Chills danced down my spine as I asked the Lord if this was a sign of danger. He was quick to assure me to keep going, keep exploring. With pure hesitation I did. I asked my eyes to see what Jesus saw when he walked through that home. 
I saw nothing but beauty.
Soon the papers were signed and we were handed the keys to our new , yet very old farm house. 
Living here we have learned to let our guard down , and allow ourselves to enjoy our new place. Not living in fear any longer, but choosing peace regardless of circumstances , or confrontations. 
Accepting that no life is ever perfect, yet the one we serve IS PERFECT. Through hard times and battles, his will is always perfect. His ending to our pain is perfect.

Being so used to only seeing the spiritual realm in a negative way, the Lord has been gracious to allow me to see the positive. The Angelic and the past. 

Standing at the very sink that gave me horror story after horror story , He showed me the past. Just a few days ago I had the privilege of seeing a hundred years ago right before my eyes. 


( I have been quiet about what I see, as a lot of it is private, but I felt that this should be shared. ) 

The next room became close enough for my eyes to see, even through the wall that separated my vision . 

There I saw the Doctor that owned our home first. On his examination table laid a young boy around age 8 complaining of a stomach ache. His hand on his side as he moaned in pain. His mother telling the Doctor she was sure it was only his imagination.
” We will just go now Doctor. He has the tendency to make things up to get out of chores!”

The Doctor squinted his eyes and looked lovingly at the boy. It was as if their connection just through looking at each other was enough. The good Doctor made the call that saved this young boys life. 
Appendicitis he said. 
The vision ended and I knew what the Lord was teaching me. 
Things are often not as they appear. Deep , hidden wounds are just as severe as visible ones. Often invisible wounds are the ones that are deadly to our spirits. 
The ones we hide, keep quiet and hush when called out are the ones that need to be healed. 
When we can be that person that sees beyond the bad attitude, the lack of compassion and the bitter heart, we can begin to reveal his heart in a bigger way than people have ever seen. 
As Christians we are in the business of love. Compassion for the hurting, and a voice for the silenced. 

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