Put yourself in a position to be refreshed.

With the windows open on both sides of the hallway on the second floor, I stood right in the middle and let the breeze hit my cheeks. The rain storm began and was relentless to stop as the cool air made it’s way around our home.

Standing at the top of the stairwell , with my arms stretched wide open I thanked Him for the home He provided. The dreams He saw in my heart, and made happen on Earth. Thinking of all the times I have had the privilege to visit heaven for a brief moment, standing in this hallway that spoke of history and memories galore made me feel like I was tasting a slice of heaven once more.

The rain was relentless to stop, pouring more growth onto our land. It was then I thought to set out our Mums that sat on the front porch to be watered.

In the pouring rain I set out four plants to receive refreshment from the rain. Moving them into a position where they would gain the growth they needed wasn’t easy for me.

I got wet and muddy. But I knew it was needed for the growth of the plants that I wanted to see blossom. Often growth isn’t possible without re-positioning ourselves.

I stood on the porch and watched the plants that I wanted to see blossom get refreshment. I wanted to see them in their full potential, their full color and shape. I knew they could be beautiful if they were provided the right amount of water and sunlight.

Standing in the shelter of the rain the Lord spoke to me as He does so often in the most creative of ways:

” It’s not unusual what you are learning here. I so often ask my children to step out into what doesn’t feel comfortable for them, only to have them refreshed by my spirit, and renewed by the mind of Christ. “

I sat in the rocking chair watching the rain nourish my plants, and I knew.

I knew that if I wouldn’t have placed them outside in the rain where they could gain refreshment, then they could have died.

It takes a step of faith, saying:

Hey Lord. I need your spirit to come upon me and make me new. But I know that I cannot remain in the place that I am currently in. I will step off the shelter and into the rain that you have provided for my gain. I will stop trying to hide and stay dry. I will step into what you have for me, even if I get soaked. Even if I get muddy, I am willing to walk into what you have for me.

In the largest of storms, even the smallest of plants get promoted as they gain strength from the rain He pours upon them.

Will you step out into the rain, or stay dry under the shelter?

For me, the risk of getting a bit uncomfortable and chilly is worth the growth that will be produced at the end of the storm.

unnamed (25)

The beauty that will be shining from the soiled dirt. The first blossom of the weathered , yet cared for flower.

What I am saying is this: In order to grow spiritually we have to step out into the storm sometimes. We have to move our positions in life, into what his living water has to offer.

He never asks us to do things that we cannot handle, but He DOES ask us to trust what He says about the particular season that we are in.

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