Dear the man that you will become.

The light of the porch sconces shined onto the front yard making it easier for our son Asher to pick up sticks as his Daddy began mowing. Often the only time Matt has to get any yard work done is at night, and Asher is always eager to help him.

This is the only time he has without his little sisters, and he enjoys being a man.

Our driveway is long, and I enjoy walking down to the road to check the mail box. After retrieving the mail , I see Asher in the distance hop onto the golfcart, and take off in my direction. Going as fast as he could he headed my way, only to stop abruptly, and slap his hand on the seat next to him.

” Momma, get on here! That way you aren’t walking in the dark by yourself.”

Climbing in I asked him if he would take me for a short ride around our property. His eyes lit up as he shook his head yes. Through the pine trees we went, and down to the pond. Across the field to the garden, and on and on we rode.

Without so much as a word said, he took his right hand and placed in lovingly on my thigh. His thumb rubbing my leg, just like his Daddy does in the car.

I had to hold back the tears as I pictured him doing this same thing with a woman one day. I began writing this to my son, the only one I have on earth , this letter.


Dear the man that you will become,

Please remember the way you drove the golf cart all the way down the driveway so I wouldn’t have to walk alone. Treat your wife that way.

Please remember all the times I’ve been sick, worried, or upset and you’ve rubbed my back as you prayed aloud for my relief. Treat your wife that way.

Please remember the way that you get your baby sister up everyday before school and fix her breakfast. Do that for your wife, cook for her.

Please remember the way you beg for me to snuggle you at the end of the day because you missed me. Treat your wife that way, tell her you missed her after a long day at work.

Please remember all the love notes you’ve written me in your childhood, without a hesitation because you knew it would mean the world. Treat your wife that way. Write her love letters and leave them for her to find.

Please remember all those nights your little sisters asked you to tell them a story because they were scared of the storm. Treat your wife with kindness. Be gentle with her spirit.

Please remember that I love you more each day. I respect the man you are becoming, and I encourage you to seek the Lord in all that you do and say. 

Marry a woman like me.

Because if you do, she will love you just as much as I do.

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  1. That is amazing……..

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