Wazy Wednesday’s With Wachel.

Wednesdays are so wazy for me in fact that I don’t even bother to sound out my words correctwy. Wednesday’s haven’t always been wazy , but today I was sick in bed ( again ) with who knows what reeking havoc on my body. While I was wying there , I got an idea! 

Show your readers what you make when you are sick, lazy, breathing, sad, happy, or just plain human on a Wednesday night. So, this is what we did.

” Children , come hither from outside in the barn and help your Mother make dinner!” She said.

” No! We are having way too much fun in the mud and getting new grass stains on the new pair of jeans you just purchased!” They said.

Oh, but you will LOVE this dinner. There are no vegetables, and you get to make a mess, and then eat it. And after we are finished I will buy you each a brand new unlimited supply of candy bars!” She said.

unnamed (27)

So, here are your ingredients. We had extra buns from a cook out, so I made do with a fun dinner with the kids. Plus, I learned about this fun recipe at my cousins house growing up. It was always so much fun making our own little pizza’s together. And then skinny dipping in their pool. I could have left that last part out, but why?

unnamed (28)

Obviously these brands can be switched up, and different sauces and cheeses can be used. But if that happens, you might die. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

unnamed (30)

So then you give each child a plate of their own, you know to boost their self esteem levels that they are capable of making their own dinner. Which you know they are not, that you will still have to help. 

You will help them spread the sauce over the bun, then let them choose a cheese for the topping. Since I am mean I only gave them two choices.

unnamed (31)

The girls loved this part! They are natural cooks. Barefooted in the kitchen with their Momma. Adah chose a hotdog bun because she doesn’t like hamburgers. Understandable.

unnamed (32)

Asher refused to smile for the camera, because he hated this part. It also wasn’t Papa Johns, like I requested their Father to bring home the night before. See? I’m not Wazy.

unnamed (33)

Please don’t judge the quality of my photos. My professional photographer quit because I wasn’t paying him. Jokes on HIM because I am an amazing photographer. Like better than anyone. My photos are real and raw. And really, really bad.

So I let everyone place their pizza’s on the baking sheet, and I baked them at 350 for around ten minutes. In those ten minutes two out of three children got into a fight over the Halloween candy from a school party. I poured a glass of wine out of BOXED wine, because I am awesome, and one nameless child pooped in her pants for the second time in one day. Leading me to research selective IBS when tired.

What did you eat Wachel, you ask?

Well, I ate this. Trying to feel healthy and better about my life.

unnamed (35)

This bread is the bomb.com , and you can find it at your local Costco. It’s great with just butter, but your best bet is to smother it in Nutella if you really value your life.

unnamed (36)

So , here’s my healthy pizza . That I later paired with local cinnamon buns my sweet husband brought me home because he knew that I felt like a glass of red wine at a Baptist convention. Not appreciated, alone and a little too fermented. ( I was sick .)

unnamed (38)

See how mean he was to me? Just awful, especially when I made him a fancy salad to make him think I worked WEAWY hard in the kitchen while fighting a sinus infection. See?

unnamed (37)

Thank you for reading my most boring of all blogs. Maybe I gave you a quick and easy recipe for your kids on those nights where you cannot even. I hope I did.

I love you all, and all the easy things.

I love feeding my kids healthy foods, but on Wednesdays I Stwuggle .

Tune in for more Wazy Wednesdays With Wachel. Share with your friends that are equally as tired as we are!

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