Let’s remember that Honeymoon stage again.

I picked up the receiver to dial room service. Something in my voice was different, I sounded confident. More adult. More sure of my place.

” Yes, how may I help you Mrs. Haggerty?”

Was she talking to me? My eyes grew wider as I held in a laugh. It was the first time someone had addressed me as a married woman. The feeling that came over me is one I’ll never forget. I was someones wife! I even ordered something I would have never chosen before. With a different last name, and another ring on my finger, my life changed forever.

 Just as it’s easy to slip out of the honeymoon stage with your spouse, it’s easy to do this with your relationship with Jesus. Let’s face it, bad things happen. People die that you love. Diseases come and try to destroy your body. You fight with your teenagers. Families have confrontations, and sometimes they are never resolved. You get disappointed.

We often forget WHO we are and WHOSE we are!

Just close your eyes for a moment with me. Picture yourself on your wedding day, walking down the aisle to your husband. Do you feel that pride? That love and that joy to do life with him? Is your confidence level sky high and ready to take on anything life throws at you?

The beauty of a relationship with Jesus is that he is connected to your spirit at all times. It’s his hearts desire to romance you,and to take you from glory to glory with him. There is always TIME and ROOM to take you to a deeper level with his presence in your life.

You are HIS, and he delights in these things:

  • Loving you
  • Healing you
  • Hearing you laugh
  • Catching your tears as they fall
  • Giving you your hearts desires
  • Cherishing you
  • Teaching you
  • Listening to you

It’s easy in a marriage to take each other for granted. To forget what made you fall in love in the first place. That’s why date nights should be mandatory, and sex needs to happen more than twice a month. Why? Because a relationship is all about intimacy. It’s about sacrifice, and forgiveness.

Our relationship as God’s child defines and gives insight to any.other.role.we.play. When we are confident in our own skin , the same skin Jesus died for and made whole, we can begin to walk in peace.

We will see life differently, and when obstacles hit us head on, we learn to duck. We learn to join forces with other believers. We learn to fight for the things he died for, instead of cowering down in fear.

He never intended his children to be passive people. He intended us to walk into the destiny full force that his blood paid for. We are his children, and we need to act like it. We need that rooted deep down in our very spines, to make us stand taller. To make us speak kinder, and to make our vision clearer.

As his children there should be no confusion. Ever. Only deep wisdom that comes from his spirit alone. We can tap into that wisdom well anytime we want. In his spirit we never wander far, he is always there to pull us back and set us on the course he deems worthy for our lives.

He’s a big God, get up on his shoulders to see what He see’s . Nothing is impossible, or too big for him to fix, heal or redeem.

unnamed (39)

Believe that He wants those things for you. You’re his child. Do you not lift your child up that wants to sit on your shoulders? Do you not kiss her cheeks when she falls?

Imagine what He wants to do in your life that far surpasses what you can give to your children.

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