Is church pointless for Mothers with young children?

Hey Momma,
I know the struggle. Sometimes going to church feels like a waste of time. Trying to worship with a little one pulling on your leg, and one needing a snack is reality most Sundays for us. Just when I feel like I’ve relaxed enough to tap into worship , just as I raise my hands and begin to praise Him in the midst of what seems like chaos… A child needs me.
It seems that my worship is split up into sections , and often I hate it. I hate the potty breaks and the immediate needs our children come up with when I’m just trying to be with my Father. 
I’m just trying to worship him , and take my mind off the daily grind.


This morning I began to feel very frustrated with parenting as our eldest son Asher wrapped his arms around my middle.

” Momma, let’s dance.”


Tears were relentless to fill my eyes as I was deeply convicted of my selfish desires.
I looked to my right to see our girls dancing around and worshiping, their bodies stopping to watch the adults around them engaged in their own worship.
I knew that they were taking everything in. Like a sponge they were experiencing Gods presence and what it does to people JUST by attending church with us. Just by watching, they are learning what it is like to fall in love with Jesus again and again.
So , I hear you Moms with newborns who have to sneak out of the service to feed your baby. I hear you Moms that have a toddler that refuse to stay in the nursery for fear of the unknown…. Though you try every week to get them to stay.
I hear you. It takes a lot of effort to get the kids ready and to church every Sunday.
But trust me in this: even though you may feel like it’s a pointless effort , it’s not. Your spirit is still receiving love and fellowship. Your spirit is still growing and learning and the stretching of your comfort zone is expanding.

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

Isaiah 40:11
He is gentle with Mothers. He KNOWS our struggles to even stay in an entire church service. He is giving us what we need , even if we can’t see it. He is giving our children a foundation of praise when we push through and GO!

When we go anyway, we are teaching our children to do hard things, and praise him anyway. 

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