My next book

So, I thought I would update whats going on in my book writing world. I hope this isn’t too boring, if you fall asleep I’ll send you a Red Bull free of charge. 

Basically I had almost finished my second book, the sequel to ” The Redemption House”. It was tying up lose ends, and explaining what happened to me and how we got out of the old farm house.

Each time I sat down to write it, I felt this deep emotion welling up inside my spirit. It was almost too much to think about , much less write about. To be honest , dwelling on that season of my life was pretty depressing.

I prayed, and prayed, and asked God to show me what to do about the sequel. Each time I prayed, He said :
” Not yet Rach.”

So, being the stubborn daughter I am I kept writing, and disobeying until I was a mess inside. My gosh! My readers want to know what happened! Jesus DO YOU KNOW how many emails I got asking when the sequel would be out? Do you know how much I want to inform my readers that I am OK, alive and thriving?

Still he told me to wait. No yet.

So all the while dragging my feet, he gave me my next plot line for the second book.

Laughing through parenthood. 

I’ve began writing the second book, and you know what?! It’s making me laugh. Why? Because I thrive when I laugh. We all do. We all need a bit of laughter to get us through the hard seasons. I am convinced that God gave us Rhema ( our middle one ) so that I wouldn’t take life too seriously.


She makes me laugh when I want to cry, and I am certain that she is His gift to the too tight bun on top of my head. 

Though all of our children are equally hilarious, this book will have a lot of Rhema’s quotes and embarrassing hilarities.

We are looking at about two months and the book will be available for purchase. This time I am not self publishing, but I am handing over my “baby” to a big company.

Details to come, but until then would you pray for me? Thank you!

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