With each wash, I’ll pray for you Momma.

When Matt and I got married, he decided he wanted to wash my feet before we said our vows as a sign of his commitment to my heart. He wanted to show me that he would be there when things got dirty, and that he would always serve me.

We have this bowl in our home, and in each house we have lived in it’s been displayed for both of us to see as a sign of servant-hood to one another.

This afternoon as Rhema started getting sick, and throwing up… I grabbed the nearest bowl I could find, and let the bowl have it. I chuckled to myself that it was the same bowl in our wedding, and yet again it’s symbolizing servant hood.

The bowl served her well all afternoon, and I got the nice privilege of cleaning it out each time. Reminding me yet again, there is more to this life than myself.

Later in the day, she asked to take a nap as I agreed her body needed rest from the day.


Fighting sleep , I laid there as I ran my fingers through her wavy blonde hair. So thick, so full of body, just as mine was when I was young. Kissing her cheeks and singing her to sleep I knew I wasn’t the only one getting little ones down for the night. I had this intense emotion wash over my soul…

I’m not the only one doing this very thing at this very moment. I’m not the only one that’s exhausted from a long day of parenting. It was then I realized I spend so much of my time focused on my parenting techniques, and perfecting them… and at the end of the day we all have our successes and failures as a Mother.

We are never alone in our own parenting.

::The sound of the noise machine couldn’t be heard with my ears as God spoke to my heart. I was taken away to the core of his heart. He downloaded a sense of community into my spirit, and a compassion and deep longing to pray for Mothers everywhere. Deep , long breaths filled my lungs as I allowed him to show me what is greater than me. What is greater than my ability to love women. ::

He showed me in waves his love for Mothers.

Not just Mothers who already have babies, but ones that are longing for that newborn scent. Longing to be tired from staying up all night rocking a crying baby, instead of only crashing early from a long day at work. Yes, he focused on those Mothers.

The prayer that came from His heart, to my lips was this:

Father , Papa, Daddy,

I ask that you fill us up with your love and your compassion for our children. I ask that you grant us strength and wisdom in the coming days, as our children grow older. I ask that you grant us your joy, the only true joy that comes from the laughter of our children, straight to your heart. 

I ask you for patience when our children disobey , not just for us to be able to discipline with a sound mind, but your peace to cover us as we do. Patience for the changing of seasons , and the grace for our mistakes as Mothers. Please help me give MYSELF grace, just as you give me grace.

Teach me to see my children the way that you do. Teach me to see them as perfect in your sight, and show me how to steward their hearts well. 

Please tell me when they need me most, and when I need to let them fly.

Please keep them safe, and their hearts pure for you. 

Please give me wisdom to teach them the importance of purity in their dating years, and how wonderful it is to wait for the one God has for them.

Above all , I pray that they love you. I pray that they see your love in my eyes, my actions, and my words. 

Lord this isn’t for me alone, but every Mother that I know. Each mother that has come and gone, and come and stayed in my life. I pray they know your love for them. 

I pray for the Mothers longing for their first child earth side. I pray for favor, and for your plans to be perfect in their lives. I pray for aching arms to soon hold children, and for your love to shower them as they wait.

I’ll wash that bowl a million times today, and with each wash I’ll pray for you , Momma. 

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