Healing is celebrated in heaven!

When a physical healing takes place on Earth, most of humanity rejoices. Whether they were praying for this person or just thinking good thoughts, seeing someones health restored brings unity and hope to a community like nothing else. It’s as if one prayer answered makes the others not so unreachable. 

Faith is built, and people keep believing in healing. In miracles.

I’ve witnessed this in my lifetime many times and until today I didn’t think about how healing looks in heaven. I’ve always known there is no pain, no tears, no sickness.

My life has changed in drastic ways over the past three years,and given me a wider span of how I see God and people.


It’s gotten to the point where I can take a time out from life on Earth, close my eyes , and see my children in heaven. Sometimes just for a brief second, sometimes for a few minutes. Sometimes I cannot make out what I am seeing, but I always feel near to them.

This particular afternoon I was upstairs making up the spare bedroom bed. Spreading out the sheets, tucking and folding them in tightly gave me the perfect opportunity to lay my head down just for a moment. Being a Mother is no easy job, and any chance I can take to lay my head down for 5 seconds is lovely.

I just wanted to check in on them. Not that heaven is a place I need to monitor my children, in fact I should really have been monitoring the three downstairs that I could hear fighting over the TV remote. They, they need my eyes more than my angels in heaven. But some days I get a bit selfish, I close my eyes and I see.

I was immediately taken into a vision of children ( all around ages 8-12 ) standing around this large white board. Cheering and clapping was surrounding the joy that was happening as another child’s name was written on the board.

THOUSANDS of names were already written on the board, all in a different color. Most of the colors didn’t have a name here, but I could see the names. Name after name stood out to me in these gorgeous colors, until I saw his name. My Jude boy.

He was standing to the left of the white board, writing a friends name down. The chaos of joy was erupting as Jude wrote this boys name down. In all the thousands of names he somehow found a place to write his new friends name.

Not knowing exactly what the names represented, I watched in amazement at the level of respect and kindness these children upheld. It was like watching what Jesus must have been like as a pre – teen . Perfect and holy in every way. The children were hugging each other and congratulating their new friend. I knew they were celebrating an accomplishment.

It was then I knew in my spirit that they were celebrating children that have come to heaven and been HEALED in heaven from a physical issue.

Not died because of something gone horribly wrong in the womb, but children with chronic life threatening illnesses that could not have survived outside the womb.

Children that had died of cancer. Children that suffered severe injuries and could not live their lives on earth.

They gained a healing immediately as they entered heaven, and the children we celebrating this VICTORY! Writing each name down, and having a celebration for this child! He is no longer unable to walk, to run, to play! He is a free boy!

The vision lasted for what seemed like hours, although I know it ended in a matter of seconds, just in time to help my youngest use the bathroom for the 356 time today.

In seeing this it has shown me at least one thing.

This earth isn’t the end. Satan does not get the final say so with our health, our minds, and our spirits. What happens on Earth is always healed in heaven. Whether that be physical , spiritual, or emotional.

Physical healing is celebrated in heaven because THAT’S how GOD designed our bodies to function in the first place. We were never meant to die from sicknesses. It wasn’t His good and perfect will for mothers to bury their children. No. He created us in his image. Whole, well and perfect.

So, if you are reading this and you’ve lost a child due to a physical illness, I am saying to you that your child’s HEALING was CELEBRATED in heaven. The healing that you cried out for, and pleaded on your knees for, they have it. They are whole now.

To my Jude boy that died from a massive heart defect, I’m so so so happy you are running around with your friends. I’m so happy Jesus spared you a life of pain here with us on earth.

Run fast buddy!

unnamed (10)

I see you in this picture buddy.

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