It won’t be like this for long, daughter.

The sound of the noise machine and the comfort of my arms lulled you to sleep. I held you as the fire crackled and my heart grew a size bigger, expanding looking at the way you sucked your two middle fingers. 

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You won’t be like this for long, so I’ll hold you while you sleep.

These toddler years with you are the best days of my life. Right now, in this moment I am exactly what you need. Soon, I will be sad that I am not everything you need. I will not always be able to fix your problems, but today I can.

Today you were tired, so I scooped you up as you fought a nap. Your eyes told me to rock you until all was still, so I did. 

There will soon come a time when you are weary from this life, and a simple rock in my lap will not fix you. You’ll  have to find your own way to bed, closing your eyes on your own. making choices to rest in the chaos without me. Remember the way I rocked you.

There will come a time where a band-aid on your little toe won’t seem too fitting to your broken heart, but for now I’ll kiss your boo-boo’s and get you an ice cream cone. 

Right now , for the most part I can fix you. I am your Momma. 

I can feed you when you are hungry, and celebrate lives new milestones with you. You are under my roof, in my care. Only I can make you laugh that deep belly laugh, even after a hard day of disciplining you. 

I can hold your hand at the park, and walk you over to your play mate. I can help you apologize for hurting her feelings, and walk you through forgiveness. 

I am clinging to these days more now, seeing as how they are very simple. They are tiring yes, but my dear I can fix you.

I can fix your disappointments by a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I can redirect your tears to laughter by making a silly face, and playing your favorite song. 

Please always know I want to be your everything, but soon you will need more than your Momma. That’s when I know deep in my very soul that I will miss these days with every breath I take. 

Right now I can walk you into Preschool, and get to know all of your friends on a personal level. I can have lunch with their Mothers, and connect with their hearts. There will come a day when you will make your own friends, and I will come along side you to help you choose them wisely. 

You won’t always want me to walk you into school. Kiss your chubby cheeks before you go. They won’t remain chubby for much longer. 

Right now I can tell you that you are beautiful, and you will agree. Your self confidence isn’t lacking in any way. 

There will be a day when you will come down the steps for school with a frown on your face. I will know that you are feeling awkward in this world, trying to find your place. I will again tell you you are beautiful, and pray you believe it. Not for me, but for yourself.

I pray you always look in the mirror with pride. You’re my daughter. You are gorgeous. Just as gorgeous as you are right now , asleep in my arms. Sucking your fingers, dreaming of what’s going to happen tomorrow at your play date.

Right now I am the care taker of your time. I arrange when you eat, sleep, and play. There will come a time where you will eat, sleep and do as you please. 

Please remember to respect your body, just as you were made to as a child. You are perfect the way you are. God made no mistake when he made you in my womb. You are a product of love. You are love.

You snicker when Daddy gives me a kiss, and tell tall tales of our date nights to your friends about our kissing and dancing the night away.

Choose a man to marry that is like your father, and you will not go wrong. The way he loves you and me is a reflection of his love for Christ. Choose someone like Him.

Just as we are getting cautious about you not bathing with your older brother, or allowing people to see you change clothing, do this in your older years.

Your body is a temple, it is sacred for the one God has made just for you.

I love these precious years, I can protect you to the best of my ability. I can kiss you as I please, and tell you how special you are to me.

I hold these days tight, and pray that when you are grown, all the love we have given you will overflow into your life and your relationships. 

The one more bedtime song at night has become your favorite. It’s one more chance for me to love you, one more song to sing over your life.

These days are the best days my love.

2 thoughts on “It won’t be like this for long, daughter.

  1. This made me cry. You have no idea how right you are. There is no heartache on earth like not being able to fix it for them, and that day comes MUCH too soon. Hold those babies tight, sweet girl.

    1. 😉 holding them soooo tight! Love you friend!

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