It may be time to display your Pearls.

Hearing God’s voice in our lives can often be fogged with the business of life. Being a mother of three, I try my best to have a quiet time, but most days it doesn’t happen. So, in result I’ve asked for Him to speak to me in dreams, and guess what?

He has.

Last night I had a very vivid dream that I felt was not only for me, but for you as well.

In this dream I was surrounded by my immediate family. I had this intense weight upon my chest that I felt needed to be shared with those I trusted.

Calling my family together, I began showing them what was happening to me daily.

I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come , and He did. He always does when we ask.

I began showing my family what was happening out of my mouth.

I pulled strands and strands of pearl necklaces, family heirlooms and exquisite expensive jewelry from my mouth. Diamonds and Rubies, one by one came pouring out of my mouth. These jewels didn’t come out voluntarily, I had to pull them out myself. It was my choice whether to leave them there, or be open and honest with my family about what my body was producing.


( As I was pulling them out I thought to myself: Gosh! THIS must be why I’ve felt so uncomfortable with all this stuff in my belly )

It was a shock to us all, even me what was coming out of my mouth. Things that had been lost were now found, and family heirlooms came to the surface as if I had been harboring them until the perfect time, always carrying them with me.

My legacy as a daughter of a prophet , my great grandmothers prayer anointing, and the pearls. The pearls were so abundant. I knew even then in my dream what they meant.

After the gems came the food. Strips of bacon came out of my mouth whole, and next came wild rice, as if it had never been digested.

When I awoke this morning the Lord was very clear with me about what the dream meant.

It was for me personally, but for you too.


I called my family together because I trusted them to believe me. I trusted their judgement, and even in the dream I asked them:

” Does this mean I am insane? Does this mean something is wrong with me?”

My Mom reassured me this was a work of God, and even then I was afraid of what I was producing.

I was essentially afraid of what was coming out of my mouth because it was my pearls.

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Matthew 6:7

When I first began my blog I got a lot of feed back. Not all lovely. Not all encouraging. In fact several times people told me I was crazy, that God doesn’t work like this anymore. I was told that I was a different person on my blog, and a whole other person in public.

Both of which make me laugh now.

So what did I do?

I regressed. I was much more quiet. I kept my pearls only in my bedroom on display. Every once in a while I would wear them, but only on special occasions. Only with the people that I trusted.

The public didn’t see my pearls like my family did.


There are so many events in our lives that cause us, if we so choose to be silent. To be much more reserved. To not share too much. Be silent so that we do not offend.

I believe with my whole heart that Matthew 6:7 is correct. It never feels good, nor bares fruit to cast our pearls before swine. I’ve been there. It’s devastating. It causes your crops to dry up, and become thirsty. In the end, you end up saying goodbye to that garden and feeling like you need to start a fresh.

But in a different sense, I’ve been on the opposite side of the fence.

Sharing our hearts can change lives.

We can usher in God’s presence simply by sharing our testimony of his faithfulness in our lives.

We all have a story, a voice in this life.

When we are walking in the destiny that God has ordained, our story is meant to be heard. We aren’t meant to harbor our stories for only our families, just as I did in my dream.

Oh, life is so amazing when we SHARE . When we proclaim God’s goodness in our lives, so that we can simply encourage our neighbors and friends.

For me in this season of my life I’m learning to pull the pearls out of my mouth. I must pull them because I’ve kept them down for so long, my voice timid and quiet.

It’s time to pull them out of my mouth and WEAR them. All of them.

Pearls and heirlooms are so precious, just as your voice is.

Make that call, do that thing you’ve wanted to do but you have bogged it down because of fear.

We only silence fear with His voice. That means even when we are weak, we can speak aloud what he thinks of us.

Your pearls are precious. Ask Him when to wear them and when you need to hide them.

It may be time for you to display them for HIS glory in your life, and others.

2 thoughts on “It may be time to display your Pearls.

  1. So well put, Rachel! Thank you for this – I struggle with this, too. My desire/prayer is to be able to live my life authentically and to be able to wholeheartedly be the person that God has created for me to be 😊

    1. So do it now! Show them now 🙂

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