The little note.

When we hope for what we believe is best, but ask God for his will to be done in our lives we end up having two different thought patterns about one situation. It’s confusing, and in the end produces no faith.

When we first found our forever home, my heart was wounded. I was tired of disappointments, and even letting myself settle for less than my hearts desire. I had come to a place in my heart, and my walk with Jesus that can be summed up like this-

I’ve walked outside of your will God. It’s dangerous, and its hurt me more times than I can count. I want to be IN your will for my life. Because INSIDE your will, I know I find my hearts desires, because you placed them there deep in my heart. I want what you want because it’s always good. It may not feel good, or look good from the outside, but the fact is that I want to walk into the destiny that you have planned for my life. I want to co labor with heaven for my lives plans. I have seen with my own eyes the evil that you tried to keep me from. I want to walk on your divine path.

When we pulled up to our house for the first time, my heart exploded. This house was everything He had promised us and more.

Instead of praying out of fear, I began to thank him for his good and perfect will for my life.

Hearing not long after we began viewing the home that there were several other families coming to view it that day, I chose peace. Way too many times in the past I allowed my flesh to take over my own thoughts for my future, I tried to make ” my dream” work on my own. I often convinced myself that because I ” felt good” and it ” seemed like God” then it had to be his will.

Boy does Satan masquerade as the Bell of the ball right before he ruins the entire party.

Instead of trying to make something happen that wasn’t God’s will, I decided to agree with heaven that day. Yes, Lord, the house that you have for us is perfect. Thank you that in your own time you will reveal your plans to us. You don’t hide your plans from your children. You are good to let us know.

Within a few minutes I knew. I knew this house was ours. I began to erase fear from my “self fixing ” mind. I chose thankfulness, and I wrote this little note.

Displaying IMG_2831.JPGIMG_2831Displaying IMG_2831.JPG

After viewing all of the home, even though we didn’t need to. We knew it was ours forever. I stuck the little note card underneath a large rock in the driveway. I sat on the rock and together Matt and I prayed aloud, thanking him for this house.

On paper, nothing made sense. The price. The favor we had. The connection we made with the seller. Nothing was worldly. Because we agreed with heaven, things fell inline.

Once we moved in and got settled, the Lord reminded me of the note I left. It’s funny, after I placed it there I didn’t have another thought about it. My faith wasn’t in that note, but in the prayers we prayed, and the faith we carried.

 We were the lowest offer for our home. Money didn’t matter. God mattered.

When God has his hand in something, reach out and hold it. He will guide you straight home.

Thank him daily for the plans that he has for you. I promise you, they are good.

Write out declarations of his goodness to you. Maybe one day you’ll find them after promises have been fulfilled.

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