Perhaps you’re carrying a dream around that people claim as a small one.

When the dream began, I knew I was dreaming. You know sometimes you ask yourself in the middle of a dream if it is reality? I just knew , so I rode it out. Paid close attention to what was happening.

I was pregnant, and in active labor. It was as if my muscles were reminded of the contractions, and physical feelings were intense. Although I was dreaming, the tightening of my stomach felt so real. The emotions that come along with giving birth were all there.

The anticipation of what the baby will look like. Hearing the baby’s first cry. Feeling that rush of love.

My Mom began driving me to the hospital, and my contractions became more and more intense. Instead of severe pain, all I felt was immense pressure to get this baby out. The weight of this baby was almost to much for my body to hold. She had to come out, and she was coming soon.

We pulled into the parking lot, and my Mom dropped me off at the front desk to sign in while she parked the car. I began screaming, knowing full well the baby was coming sooner than everyone was expecting. No nurse took me seriously when I told them I need to lay down, and NOW. The baby was coming.

They had me sit in a chair in the waiting room, and wait for the Doctor to come get me. No one believed that I was even pregnant. I looked down at my very small pregnant belly, and I entertained the thought that this whole thing was in my head. Maybe I was crazy? Maybe there is no baby.

The pains became more frequent, and I knew since no one believed me I would have to just give birth right there in the waiting room in front of everyone. At this point I could care less who was watching, or what anyone thought. This baby was coming out whether I liked it or not.

My body was expelling this new life, fast.

I could feel the baby’s head crowning, so I lifted my pajama pants from my belly, reached down , gave one good push and lifted my new daughter onto my chest. Her cry was immediate, and I was weeping with joy that she was earth side. Her little cries filled the waiting room, as everyone began to comment on her size.

” Oh she’s way too small! That can’t be healthy!”

” I knew she couldn’t be too big, your belly was TINY!”

Clearly she was very healthy in my eyes, sweet chunky rolls and a loud cry. She took to my breast just fine and we were wheeled back into a room.

Now they started taking me seriously.

One of the Nurses took her from me to weigh her, then she told me that my daughter was too small. She wasn’t a real baby, and that I couldn’t keep her. Her life didn’t count. I might as well not even name her.”

The dream ended, and the next morning I woke up heavy with revelation to share with you guys.

Although what happened to me in my dream was my hearts desire of birthing my own baby, I knew the baby didn’t represent a physical child.


That baby represented my destiny, the callings upon my life and my dreams.

How many times in your life have you been SO excited about something, only to find that when you share it with people who aren’t as enthused as you are, you lose the excitement?

It hurts doesn’t it? You feel a little silly, and maybe a little worthless.

You begin to question your joy, or your worth.

How many times have you shared something with someone, only for them to dismiss your advice or wise counsel? Have you ever not been taken seriously? Felt like you weren’t respected?

Perhaps you’re carrying a dream around that people claim as a small one. Insignificant. Not big enough to count.

When a woman gives birth, her labor is involuntary. That baby has to come out one way or another, and their body is trying its best to get it out. The contractions hurt, emotions are strong, and a birth is imminent.

Just as our destiny is crying to come out of us, our dreams are waiting to be birthed and nurtured. Just as the baby in my dream was birthed and took right to my breast, your dreams want to GROW when you finally give birth to them.

There will always always always be people that think your life and your dreams don’t matter. Please think of your dreams like a pregnancy. That pregnancy only last so long, and during that time we are preparing for the baby’s arrival.

Prepare your heart for your dreams birth.

Ask the Lord when it’s time to birth it, and he will provide the tools you need to nourish it to life.

Just as I sat there screaming at everyone that I was about to deliver, I feel like that shadows my life in many seasons.

 Hey! Me over here! I am about to sprout! Something is happening in my life that God is doing and I have no control over this new growth. Watch what he is going to do with my testimony! He’s so good! Just watch! Please believe me!

When a woman is in true labor, no one can tell her to stop the process. It is impossible.

She is confident of what is to come.

Be like her.

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