Today I was able to do something I always dreamed of. To some this task is completely insignificant , but to me it was a milestone on my way to walking in who I am destined to be.

After many weeks of planting and hard work, I was pleased to harvest some of our first fresh fruits and vegetables.
Some we planted and reaped, but some that were planted by different hands before us.

The hot morning sun beat down on my shoulders as I began picking plums from our field. Reaching high beyond my limits and even climbing parts of the tree to get the ripe ones had me laughing aloud.

I didn’t even plant these. Where is that person now?

Holy Spirit began to speak to me through these previously planted foods I am receiving the benefits from.

What I am able to give to my body, and my children’s bodies, friends and loved ones I did not sow.

But someone before me did. With loving and faithful hands, knowing full well they would not be on this property forever. They did it selflessly, just as Christ did for us in the cross.

My dreams coming true through someone else’s works.

It reminded me of the hard work we as mothers and fathers do on a daily basis. We may not see the harvest now in this season, but we always reap what we sow into our children.

Just think of the legacy you have right before you playing on the floor, napping in her bed. Asking for a snack. You get to sow seeds of righteousness and goodness that will be harvested by them and their children’s children.

Hey, your sweaty brow and dirty hands from planting are not in vain.

So for now, surround yourselves with people who are producing good fruit. Eat their fruit. When they offer you advice , take it.

You do not have to be blood related to receive someone else’s harvest. You just have to be humble, teachable.

Grateful for the harvest you never planted, and putting into action your own.


Do not just be a taker. Takers never plant their own harvest. They simply wait for others fruits to ripen, and snatch them up like little gold nuggets of wisdom. 

Make sure you’re tiling up your soil too, so that you can leave your garden healthy and flourishing for your next generation of children to come.

I don’t know about you, but I want my grandchildren to reap what I’ve sown in the spirit.

No love is ever in vain.

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