Don’t allow fear to be your dream eater. 

My focus on my littlest one swimming was unusually directed to the diving board.

It was one of those Mom radar moments where you knew something was going to happen. You said a quick prayer and held your breath watching your 8 year old do a flip off the diving board. 

I’m not sure how many times I’ve told all the kids:


All my nagging usually pays off, and they remain unscathed , that is until this morning. 

He jumped out of the pool, holding his chin. Screams erupting, drama happening. 

His chest and chin bloody from a horrible scrape of the evil diving board. 

He freaked for a good ten minutes, and soon he was back in the water like nothing happened. Splashing around with his buddy, trying to annoy his sister. 

Right back on the horse. 

Watching him it made me wonder how many relationships and heartaches could be saved if we only  ” got over ” things as fast as children do. 

No, I am not talking about traumatic events , I’m speaking of small life happenings that we take way too seriously. 

When we get offended and hold a grudge. 

When we fail and throw in the towel on a goal.

Sure , life hurts us a lot. People hurt us, a lot. But what could change if we just jumped back into the water? Bloody and all.

 Hurting , but determined to still have fun. To not miss out on joy. 

Children are so resilient in any situation. Their health. Their anger and frustration, soon they are smiling. Soon they’re trusting again. 

Jesus asked the little children to come hang out with him , because they are the most like him. 

I know in my own life I’ve allowed hurts and wounds to stop me from growing, learning and healing.

We can learn so much from just watching children.

Jump back in the pool, don’t allow fear to be a dream eater. 


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