Steak stir fry over mashed potatoes.

The Witty Uterus

I plan my meals around the meat that I buy. This week I found some good looking Chuck eye steak strips on sale, snagged it and made up this recipe with things from our garden.

While I mostly wing measurements and proportion sizes, I will try to be precise with you.


For this dinner you will need:

Red potatoes, around 7.

Chuck eye steak

White onion

Chicken stock

Worcestershire sauce

Seasoned salt

butter, and lots of it.

Fresh garlic cloves

Raw green beans

Green bell pepper

Banana pepper ( not pickled )

Olive oil

Ground pepper

Tomato paste

Beef broth

I started off by picking our garden, but if you don’t have a garden of course ignore my parts on prepping the veggies to cook. I’ll pray for you to see the light.


Snapping green beans can be tedious, so just make sure you are blasting a really good Pandora…

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