Teaching your children to hear God.

The way God communicates with us is beyond our mental capacity to grasp. He is continually speaking about our lives to us, we just have to listen and focus on his presence that never fails.

When we bought this property, we fell in love with the home and the grounds. What we didn’t know is that there were several fruit trees, and berry bushes awaiting harvest time soon after we settled in.

This Summer we have harvested hundreds of apples, blueberries, raspberries, kale, pumpkins , pears, plums , pecans and figs. 

We didn’t plant any of those. The people before us did. We are reaping what they have sown.

Each day when I go outside to pick our garden we planted, I find more harvest in what we didn’t have a hand in. What didn’t slip through our fingers, what we didn’t get dirt under our finger nails for.

This is exactly what it is like to invest in your children, and watch them bloom.


This week we were over at our neighbor’s house, enjoying time in the pool with them. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and we are trying to soak up all the sun we can before the weather turns cold.

The time came to leave, and my friend couldn’t find her keys. She was on a deadline to leave at a certain time or she would be late.

We all immediately began searching for the one key she needed. Under chairs, in the pool, in the bathroom, the list went on. A few minutes went by with no such luck as to finding the keys.

Then it dawned on me. Why have I not asked Holy Spirit where they are?

” Hey kids, everyone listen! I want you all to pray and ask Jesus where the keys are!”

They all silently prayed, whined a bit because it was hot, but continued to look.

Every few minutes I would ask them:

” Did Jesus tell you where they are yet?”

” No.” sighs all around.

Finally he told me where they were. In a random spot in the grass , no where near where they were before. I picked them up and ran to the kids.

” Look! Jesus told me where they were!”

” Momma, how did he tell you? Did you hear him with your ears?”

” No, I heard him in my heart. He told me where they were. The same Jesus that’s in you is in me. He can tell you things too.”


No one seemed amused, just more annoyed and hot. We went home, and ate dinner. The chaos of bedtime wasn’t any more holy. They still forgot they have to brush their teeth at night, and pee on the potty so they don’t wet the bed.

The shock and horror of the bedtime routine wore off, as we rocked in silence, me and the littlest.

Our middle child, Rhema… sleeps next to the rocking chair. Each night she holds my hand as I rock her baby sister to sleep. She’s still a baby. My baby. I don’t care if she’s almost four. Y’all back off.

” Momma, that’s really cool that Jesus told you where Alaina’s keys were. I think he can talk to me like that too.”

YES baby girl! Yes! Keep receiving that deep truth , that he hears you! He wants to ANSWER you! It’s His great joy to speak to you, my daughter!

You see, all these fruits I’m harvesting from someone older than I am, it’s the same as us parents planting healthy seeds for generations to come.

They may not SEE what is being planted, and why, but I promise you that the spiritual foundation you are investing into your children’s hearts, it sticks. It grows.

Whether they know it today or thirty years from now. It matters.

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