Being a Mom has changed my personality SO much!

Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary when speaking about changes in life. For example, I was talking to a good friend this morning over a latte she brought me. She knew I had five kids in the house under the age of 8 and that I was most likely in need of caffeine.

We both said similar sentences to one another:

” Being a Mom has changed my personality SO much!”

For me, going from a care free, pretty much laid back personality, it was difficult to get all responsible. To put my first baby to bed at the appropriate time, ect. I literally remember having a conversation with my Dad when I was pregnant with our first child, Asher.

” I mean, I’m never going to be one of those Moms that freaks out over nap time and bed time. I’m just going to go with the flow and listen to my body, and the babies body and just relax. I won’t use a schedule, or anything.”



13475078_1046036632133687_973433663444881385_o (1)

I figured out quickly that my laid back personality took the backseat in the name of sanity, and I created a schedule and some structure. NOT because I felt pressured to, but because it helped me not go insane. Back then I didn’t need medication, I just needed boundaries.

This was before my love of wine, so you know I had to have more structure then. Amen.

Quickly after Asher turned two I was pregnant with Rhema, and then babies just started walking out of my uterus. I became a baby factory.

I understand and appreciate that children are a gift from God, but some gifts that are given to you , you have no idea what to do with them at first.

It’s kinda like:

” Oh thanks Aunt Margie for this Industrial sized cheese grater. I’m actually lactose intolerant, but I will find a way to incorporate this into my lifestyle. “

And that’s what it’s like to have multiple children.

A little uncomfy for the tummy, and it may irritate your bowels from time to time, but you learn how to deal with it.

You realize these gifts cause issues with your introverted personality, and wonder if anyone else feels the same way. You learn to let these little people touch you on a constant basis, and you become their nurse, cook and maid.

With no degree you are suddenly a physiatrist.

Before you assume I’m this ungrateful little baby factory, please know that I love my children, but this life is not a piece of cake.

Most days I wonder if I am scarring them for life, or developing little responsible adults.

Time will tell, but in the mean time I am doing my best to love them and not kill them. School starts next week, in which I will get a lovely break for a few hours a day. I will cry and miss them for .5 seconds, and then I will celebrate my victory of freedom.

God bless every teacher, amen.


Being a mother changes every.single.dynamic you’ve ever known. This is okay. Embrace the chaos and the constant kisses, because soon these little people will be grown, and we will miss being able to fix every problem with a bandaid and a hug.

Momma’s, whether you have one child or 11, I salute you. Our job isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I see you staying up way past the time you could have crashed eating a bag of chips on the sofa just to get a moments peace.

Keep loving on those kids, and exhausting yourself trying to keep them full.

That is a serious job on it’s own.

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