What season are you in?

Papa H imparting the Fathers heart to Matt .
Papa H imparting the Fathers heart to Matt .

The air was cool and the wind was high during last nights outside worship. Hundreds gathered together in the name of Jesus to sing loud, long and strong .

It was a night away, with my husband and just one child. You know, kind of like a vacation to Hawaii. But shorter and without daiquiris . And I didn’t gain any frequent flyer miles. But I did gain a few new mosquito bites, and Rhema learned that rolling in the grass ” worshipping ” causes insane itching. This is in no way an advertisement for benedryl or any charismatic church in general. Although I support both fully.

I had a brief few moments alone, standing at the front towards the stage of the musicians . With Matt in my sight , I watched him worship. The passion that he has for The Lord makes me kinda want to rip his clothes off, but that we weren’t at Wood stock 67′. So I closed my eyes to focus on The Lord as Matts butt was in view.

I was immediately taken by a wave of Jesus’s love . I’m not exaggerating when I say that my hair began to blow in the wind and I stood there, arms open wide in his embrace. In that moment I wouldn’t have wished to be anywhere else’s. My anxiety melted away, my chest loosened and I was fearless . I was his. I was loved and intensely loved at that.

With my eyes still closed , speaking in His language through me he asked me to open my eyes, he wanted to show me something. I smiled , and obeyed. I’ve learned to obey because it’s always fun.

As I opened my eyes I saw in front of me around 70 people. These people were there already, I swear I’m not insane. Everyone was dancing and jumping and singing to The Lord, but this time it was different. Everyone had a different symbol above their heads. Some a gold tear drop, and some a crown. I asked Him what these meant and He told me it signified different seasons they are in with Him. I know the gold tear drop meant he was releasing his glory into their spirits. Maybe they were having visions, or dreams relived and awakened.

I knew then that the crowns meant that He was advancing them in his kingdom. They had passed a huge test with flying colors, and he was pleased. Seating them in high places with him and loving on them for their obedience.

” what’s on my head Jesus, I can’t see. Unless you want to hand me a mirror.”

” a veil. You’re my bride. I’ve been trying to marry you lately. Will you take your place, trust me and let me love you?”

I responded with a huge yes and a few tears. I have been hurting and tired and feeling lonely , and forgotten. But alas, I am his bride.

You are his bride .

I opened my eyes to look at what was on top of Matt’s head. I saw a wooden chair , with a tall back. At that time I prayed for his salvation, as that didn’t make sense. Jk.

” what does the chair mean?”

” I’m in that chair. Tell him to hop on my lap and let me be his father.”

It wasn’t but five minutes later that a wonderful. Powerful, Godly man of many youth came up to Matt and started imparting the Fathers love and the Fathers heart to him. It was an incredible time of the spirit rocking our hearts, and a blessing to me to be able to see this influential man pray over my husband. It was an honor . It was intense and loving.

I’m am telling you this to ENCOURAGE you that WHATEVER season you are in he is present. He is there while you are worshipping. When you are tired, hungry for his presence. Complete with not moving forward. Bored with him. Angry with him. Done with him. He’s there.

There’s always , always something going on in the spirit realm in your life. Whether you feel it, love it, agree with it, obey it or have disbelief.

What season are you in?


Rhema Zoae worshipping in the dark of the night with us. She is brave and strong. We love her so!
Rhema Zoae worshipping in the dark of the night with us. She is brave and strong. We love her so!

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