You only have 24 hours in a day. How will you spend them?

There is something completely refreshing about breaking out some of your best ” non stay at home mom clothes”, and hitting the town with a girlfriend. Other women’s statements of hitting the town are vastly different than mine. All I mean is meeting at a restaurant that serves good beer. That’s it. No future after dinner plans, because I am a Grandma and will fall asleep after 11 pm. My future plans are getting home, and unpretty. I love to look ugly at home.

blog with rhema

36 weeks Pregnant with Rhema, praying for Godly Mothers to come along side me. To love me and guide me.

This particular night of freedom I enjoyed myself, and my new mustard yellow scarf, that was never intended to be mustard yellow. I washed it with unlike colors, then just went with it like I was cool and aware of it’s trendy color…. I met with a friend of mine that I could listen talk to for hours on end. Her wisdom practically oozes out of her soul into mine, and I love soaking it in. Her eyes scream her love for Jesus and her desperate plea for Him to take charge of her life. Each sentence that comes out of her mouth is carefully thought about before she speaks, and her grace for people that have hurt her deeply is remarkable. For surely if she can forgive those who have wronged her, I can too.

She pushes me to love and seek him more continually. To think of Him outside my box of thinking. Isn’t this what friends are for? To challenge us to not be content in our relationship with Jesus, but to push us ahead for more intimacy with Him. In result , we are able to love more fully. Be in relationships whole kindheartedly.

In all of our deep conversations about Jesus, I learned much from her perspective. I took mental notes as she shared with me the depths of her heart. There is something rich to be learnt from a woman in pain, for she is vulnerable to her King… if she so chooses to be.

The words came out of her mouth as the musician in the background grew louder. The bacon cheese fries expanded in our stomachs, and I was content to sit and listen to her next phrase.

 “You only have 24 hours in a day.  Just like anyone else. You have no more time than that. How will you spend them? How will you protect them?”

It was as if the blindfold was lifted off of my eyes and for the first time I could see the huge false expectations I had placed up on my wall of accomplishments for myself. I only had a set amount of time each day to live my life. Tuesday is no longer than Thursday, although it seems it was because Preschool had a teacher workday, and we were out of waffles. The girls cried for an hour after receiving eggs and bacon for breakfast, I know, how do they live with the likes of ME? Horrid Horrid Mom.

Just like ANYONE else I only had 24 hours in a day to get anything done. There was a comfort for me in comparing myself to any other Mother that was stressed to get all the laundry done before a vacation. But then a part of my soul smiled when I knew I had 24 hours in each day to draw closer to him. To make better choices. To choose to surround myself with people that pushed me into greatness, and not into negativity.

With just 24 hours I know I need to make it count. To follow the Holy spirit more and directly encourage women in their walk with Christ. The fact is that we only have a certain amount of time here on earth. We can choose to surround ourselves with people that live their lives based on what feels good. Or we can choose to get to know, and seek out world changers. People that make a difference, and stretch you. 

Are you being stretched by your current friends? Are they calling our your destiny and giving you sound advice? Do you leave fellowship with them feeling encouraged or down? These are important things in your 24 hours.

Am I stressing to only surround yourself with followers of Christ? No. Absolutely not. But I am saying to guard your heart and your mind. That when you are witnessing to non believers that you are loving, and that you don’t take it upon yourselves to change them.

There is only  24 hours in your whole day. How will you grow?

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