Releasing his joy

Releasing his joy

Everyone goes through seasons of change in their lives. For some of us , we experienced several changes early on . Some of us coped with them well, depending on our personalities. For us these past few months have been an emotional whirlwind. Our children have , I know seen the struggles we have faced.

Our eldest , Asher who is five has especially been negatively affected. I’ve been awoken countless nights to pray for his joy to be restored. It’s broken my heart to see my happy boy so struggling to find his laughter.

Circumstances , if we let them will affect our destiny in the kingdom. Being five years old is no exception. I know it’s our job to bring him out of this angry phase of life.

His name is Hebrew for : happy and blessed .

This attack on his joy and countenance is because he was born to bring joy and blessing to others. I know this because I’ve seen him in a vision in his thirties , reaching young men by laughter and the joy that we have in the Holy Spirit. He was born to do great things, so it’s our job as his parents to train him.

The other night putting him to bed I noticed he was very giggly. He kept saying :

” I want to laugh! Make me laugh! Tickle me Momma!”

So I did. That night I didn’t leave his room until an hour later than usual . We both laughed into we cried. I was saying anything possible to make him laugh. Seeing his smile and hearing his belly laugh brought me to tears.

Oh, there you are my sweet , happy boy.

Once he was asleep I went back into his room and prayed a flood of joy over his soul. That he would wake up refreshed and new. The next morning waking him up for school wasn’t a task as usual, it was easier. There was a flow there in his spirit that was at ease.

That day while he was at school The Lord began to speak :

::Laughter will bring him back. My spirit will be released to him as he laughs. As laughter fills your home there is no room for despair. Waves of joy will come over your household as you fill it with laughter . Laughter is contagious, you will notice you and Matt will laugh more as you prepare Asher’s spirit for mine.::

So I took it upon myself to act like a complete idiot. I’ve started saying ridiculous things to make a five year old boy laugh. I may have been using choice words that I wouldn’t say in a group of adults. Potty words. I’m not ashamed. They’re working.

They’re working so much in fact that yesterday as I was eating lunch with him at school , he turns to a friend and says:

” MY Mom is so funny. Mom tell him something funny!”

There’s nothing . And I mean nothing that blesses me more than to see my children happy.

If I feel this way about my children, how much more is my Father pleased to see ME walking in such JOY. And wreck less abandonment to others opinions of me.

Lately, anytime he gets upset I change his thinking pattern and make him laugh. As he laughs I see Jesus in his eyes. As he laughs I see his destiny .

Laughter releases the fullness of joy that we are to walk in. So much so that in making Asher laugh I have walked in a deeper covenant of joy with him.

Jesus loves laughter. Because he is joy.

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