Love becomes intentional


Love at first comes naturally . The extra kisses and hand holding of a new relationship blossoms . You begin to be knitted together as one heart as you say I do and walk out together in celebration.

The comfort of being with one another comes naturally as you start a family together, raising children and finding yourself becoming comfortable in your routine. Comfortable in each others arms.

Going to bed last night The Lord pointed out something to me . As we both laid down, exhausted from the days events and children fighting, dinner fixing and brain using … I noticed I haven’t put my arm around Matt’s middle lately and fallen asleep. It wasn’t from lack of love for him or not wanting to be with him, it was just because of one thing:

After a while love becomes INTENTIONAL.

You must be intentional about showing love. Comfort is good, but the heart grows fond of comfort.

This is the same in any relationship , we must voice how we feel about one another. Make time to show it , and be Intentional about how we show it.

This challenged me not to let comfort keep me from going deeper in my relationships. Especially with The Lord.

It’s pushed me to do something different with him , to break the walls of comfort. I challenge you to do the same.
Don’t remain where you are. Don’t just turn around and go to bed. Embrace your spouse.

Don’t just assume people know you love them, tell them. Don’t just be content loving God the way you did yesterday , do something new. Show him his love is comfortable to you , just like any long term relationship . But eventually , if you let it … It becomes mundane.

Don’t let the romance flame become extinguished.

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