I’m really not that far Momma.

I’m really not that far Momma.Just close your eyes, and you’ll see me. Flourishing in heaven. 

Loving you from here, in alignment with your heartbeat that formed mine. 

Your blood pumping through my veins. Never dead, just alive in Him.

Though your arms ache to embrace the curves of my shoulders as they form to your chest , I do not lack your touch. Your affection is rampant here. Your love isn’t kept from my spirit. 

I know you well. So well , only because Papa let’s me see you. Smell you, and feel you. While I am here, I am also there. Deep and cozy in your heart. 

My siblings laughter I can hear as I memorize how you love them, just as you would have loved me. The bedtime stories, and the endless , relentless kisses upon their cheeks. 

Please do not cry to hold me , you already do. You do not understand how I can see you now, but one day you will. 

A mothers Iove is never separated by death, it is only strengthened by the distance life forms for us. 

The distance is a lie, our spirits are forever connected. 

I never miss you. I never miss you because I never have the opportunity to. I see you whenever I want. 

We aren’t separate as you feel we are. Our spirits are intertwined, loving the same Father.

When you worship him aloud I hear your voice ringing here, and I worship too. 

I worship because he was so good to give me life. He was so good to give me you, Momma. 

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