Steak stir fry over mashed potatoes.

I plan my meals around the meat that I buy. This week I found some good looking Chuck eye steak strips on sale, snagged it and made up this recipe with things from our garden.

While I mostly wing measurements and proportion sizes, I will try to be precise with you.


For this dinner you will need:

Red potatoes, around 7.

Chuck eye steak

White onion

Chicken stock

Worcestershire sauce

Seasoned salt

butter, and lots of it.

Fresh garlic cloves

Raw green beans

Green bell pepper

Banana pepper ( not pickled )

Olive oil

Ground pepper

Tomato paste

Beef broth

I started off by picking our garden, but if you don’t have a garden of course ignore my parts on prepping the veggies to cook. I’ll pray for you to see the light.


Snapping green beans can be tedious, so just make sure you are blasting a really good Pandora station while doing so. I also recommend getting your children to help snap them while you cut up your other veggies. Delegating dinner duties helps things move faster. You get faster to bedtime.

After the beans are snapped, I add them to a pot filled with Organic Chicken stock. I get mine in bulk from Costco, because it’s delicious and cheap.

I add fresh minced garlic to the pot, around three cloves. Seasoned salt and a half a stick of butter. I never said I cook low fat y’all.

I let those boil for at least two hours, just stirring and watching them as they boil. Don’t let things get crazy.

Then need to at least simmer a few hours if you aren’t boiling them. Fresh green beans need time and love y’all. They don’t turn out good half cooked. No .


I moved on to chopping up my onion and bell pepper. I didn’t chop them super thin, because I like a bit of chunk in my dishes.

I chopped the fresh banana peppers, and to my surprise these are not as spicy as I expected. I left the seeds in for taste.

Also pictured are cucumbers that I sliced and added into vinegar water with a bit of salt and pepper. Heaven in a dish, those are for tomorrow nights dinner. Teased ya.

Yep, that’s a blurry picture, but I had a three year old on my hip.

I always go with a nice chuck eye steak for Pot Roasts and dishes like these. Do not be afraid of the marbles of fat, THOSE MAKE IT TENDER! I also don’t trim the beef a whole lot, because I want it to remain tender and juicy.

I cut up the meat into small bite sized pieces, and added salt and pepper.


Again, look at that fat. LEAVE IT!

Meanwhile I am sauteing the onions, and the peppers in butter and olive oil. Once they are getting a bit soft I added a tablespoon of tomato paste, and around three dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Maybe 7. Whatever. I don’t remember. But enough so that you can smell it.



Mix up the veggies and set them aside.

Put the meat straight on the juicy pan with a bit more butter. Seal in the juices by browning it on each side. Once it is browned add back in the veggies, and stir.

That dish is finished. Let it keep warm by covering the pot.


I should have been telling you to have red potatoes boiling, but I didn’t.

So back up in time if you will, and boil those taters.

Once they are nice and squishy, add them to your kitchen aid bowl.

Add a stick of butter, sectioned off in three blocks. I also ( if I have it on hand ) add a bit of cream cheese. This is a Pioneer woman FAV of mine.

Start the kitchen aid, and as the potatoes begin to melt the butter , pour in chicken stock.

Enough to where the potatoes start to look fluffy. Add some garlic salt and pepper.

OK, those are finished. Smell good right?


I serve the beef stir fry over the mashed potatoes. It’s better this way, trust me.


Now that you are all impressed with my photography skills I can sleep well tonight.

Enjoy this dish! The Husband gave it a thumbs up, but there isn’t much he won’t eat.

3 thoughts on “Steak stir fry over mashed potatoes.

    1. Im trying beef stir fry over mashed potatoes. Always went with rice but Im tired of rice. Can’t imagine boiling green beans for two hours. I’ll steam them for 10 minutes. Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. I found this recipe earlier today and tried it with a side salad instead of green beans. Its delicious! The tomato pasts adds great flavor to the meat, and the sauce from the butter, etc is amazing poured over the potatoes.

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