Raising men.

I have four daughters and two sons. Two of the girls are here with me on earth, two in heaven. One son I have the privelage of kissing goodnight each night, and the other I see in my dreams. 

Though girls are dramatic , I can relate with them. Their problems are emotional ones. They get their feelings hurt, a kiss from Momma makes it all better. 

Playing with baby dolls and Barbies, I get that too. Endless giggles over cute boys and fights over what they will wear to church. I feel that. 

The girls , even as grown women always go back home for advice from their Mom. The girls you always keep. But the boys, you raise them once and they’re  off. 

But raising a boy? Hard

I find myself constantly biting my tongue in order to not correct him in most areas. I feel this pressure to raise a perfect man. It is completely something I’ve placed on my own shoulders. 

I want to raise a son that respects women, fears God and works hard for what he has. 

Raising a son is often as if you have to train your mind for a brief few moments in your parenting to think like a boy. To put yourself in those dirty basketball shoes. 

Though it seems like their minds are more simplistic than those of little girls, I’m beginning to realize they think about much more than simply how they feel in a moment. 

They think ahead to years after what they are doing right now. 

Though it seems they are fixated on a few things at a time, their goal is to learn how to do something, and do it well. 

Their fixations are not in vain. They are training themselves to be men.

Whether that may be just making race tracks in the sandbox with their match box cars, or learning how to tie their shoes. It’s vitally important to them. 

It matters right now, that’s their world. Even at bedtime, when you’re calling their name to go brush their teeth. They’ve just discovered a new trick, something they’ve been working on in their minds for months. 

Though it’s important to my husband and I that our children are respectful to our wishes, I have to remind myself that in their little minds what they are currently doing is the whole world!

Trying to steward my smart and extremely active, and very rambunctious 8 year old son’s heart is something I am seeking Gods wisdom in daily. 

Allowing him to make his own small choices, and see the results of his actions are important to me. One day he we will have a family of his own, and I will not be there to always guide him. 

Watching as my son fails in his choices hurts my heart , but when I see the redemption in his learning for the next time, it brings warmth to my soul.

Having a son challenges my patience, enriches my mind, and shows me daily that I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In this season I’m soaking in all of his ️hugs and kisses, begging time to stand still while his hands are still chubby and can fit inside mine. 
Before he towers over the woman that birthed him and loved him first. 

We are so complexly different, yet we try to understand each other. And in that understanding we grow.   

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