Heavenly chorus

Heavenly chorus

A couple of years ago during a time of ministry The Lord asked me that if I could request of him one thing what would it be? Without hesitation or even thinking the words birthed out of my mouth:

” I want to see Angels.”

That was two years ago, and slowly he has begun to fulfill that request. I’m still wobbling around trying to figure all of this out, but he’s been faithful and gentle with me. Until early this morning. Gentle wouldn’t be a word to describe my experience.

Adah got up at 5:30 am to nurse. She didn’t cry as usual when she wakes , but instead she was singing. She sings a lot , so I didn’t think much of it. I fed her, rocked her and went back to bed. Laying there I heard a sound. I opened my eyes and waited, listened. It wasn’t a sound of this world, except it was in my room. The Lord brought me back to a vision I had the day before of a door being opened.

The door was cracked just slightly , but as it was opening light started streaming through the crack. I knew in my spirit it was the throne room in heaven. I could feel the mass presence of the trinity.

Laying there the sounds became louder and I became glued to my bed , trembling with fear. I know now I shouldn’t have been afraid, but holy wow there was a chorus of angels singing in my bedroom. I wanted to record their singing, or wake up Matt to see if he could hear them too, but I couldn’t budge.

There were several songs going on at once, if that makes sense. It was not English they were speaking, and how I wish I could have translated it. Their music flowed together so beautifully. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever heard or experienced. The singing went on for about fifteen minutes. I saw after the singing stopped that The Lord was answering my request, but not in the way I had seen it to be. He always has better plans than we do.

Adah awoke a couple of hours later, and I heard her singing yet again. But this time it was the exact same tune of the Angels. I knew she had heard them and was singing along. It blessed my heart so much that my baby , the one that came so close to not making it here on earth could hear Angels blessing our home. It was also so meaningful to me, since I had lived in a home that was not blessed by the Holy Spirit. Yes, he dwelled inside our family, but in that home there was so much evil lurking about . The Lord knew that right now in this season of relief is when I needed to encounter Angels. Not a few months ago.

Before I went to bed last night The Lord said as I was folding a massive pile of laundry:

” it’s time to prepare and decorate your room Rach.”

Ok. Like hang things on the wall? Or get that new bedspread and bed frame I’ve been wanting? Ok Jesus, then YOU tell Matt. If you say it he won’t ask the price. He loves you, and he loves me but he gives me a budget. There’s no budget in heaven. Actually, target has that bedspread on clearance. Tell him right now. I’ll stand here casually in some lingerie.

I see now what he meant. Prepare my room for a visitation. I still think it would be been more spiritual with a new bedspread, but it was meaningful regardless.

I know this is a year of prayer request being fulfilled for many of us. Dreams that were dormant and forgotten will begin to rise up and burst out of our hearts. People will see visions and children will proclaim the Lords goodness. So keep pressing on and pressing in. Don’t give up. Your victory is right around the corner.

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